Health and Spiritual Empowerment - Bupeni - Kaliro

Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2019-04-10

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Irene Nakibirango
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2019-04-11 03:12:18 UTC
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Irene Nakibirango
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2019-04-11 03:57:07 UTC
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11:02-18:37 (7 h 35 m)
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14:00-15:02 (1 h 2 m)
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Health and Spiritual Empowerment Lesson

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Ida Bazonona,Irene Ngobi 
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Health lesson 1: Hygiene and Sanitation 
Ida and Irene went to bupeni to continue with the disease recognition lesson basically sexually transmitted and urinary tract diseases. Then continued with the signs,symptoms and management to these diseases. It was so interactive with demonstrations of the different signs which made the lesson interesting. At the end of the lesson Irene asked the members to ask questions and waako gratefully thanked Kibo for the lessons extended to them because they involve the daily life experiences they go through and things that affect them. Then he asked Irene to at least go on and carry some medicine to them in order to treat these diseases because of the fear they have to visit the health centers but Irene advised them to visit the hospital because it’s the only way to examine and give proper medication to the disease than treating what is not known. And she continued to advise them to make use of the available hospitals and health centers in their villages because they have the basic medications needed the only thing she can do is to equip them with knowledge so they can be aware and know when to seek medical help. Several questions where asked and Irene answered them accordingly then the members requested that the next time we meet we should meet them in different groups so that they can openly speak their problems regarding the topic. There fore Ida decided that next time the men will meet separate with the women and then will continue with the discussion. 
Program success
Willing to talk about their problems and change 
Program critical needs
More health lessons needed 
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Increased participation and interactions 
Other program observations
Expectations of village
Seek medical treatment for STDs and UTIs if having 
Staff preparations
Call the village before the next visit 

Next Visit: 2019-04-24 - Purpose: Still on STDs and UTIs.

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6554 Ida trying to demonstrate how a person with a sexually transmitted infection scratches in secret due to too much itching.