Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Ituba Namalowe - Namutumba

Visit by Suzan Winnie on 2019-04-08

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Suzan Winnie
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2019-04-09 04:45:29 UTC
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Suzan Winnie
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2019-04-11 05:50:51 UTC
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10:20-17:02 (6 h 42 m)
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12:06-15:05 (2 h 59 m)
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3 h 43 m

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Lesson Taught
building lessons 
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Jeska Nairuba,Suzan Keddi,Irene Ngobi 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Suzan,Jessica and Irene were in the village to teach about different materials used for building the energy saving When they arrived there, they found some community members already gathered at the meeting place with some materials assembled such as the grass,pangas and chopping boards. Among the members were men and women showing interest in the program lessons which were introduced to them in the previous meeting. The community was so excited to see Kibo staff and after exchanging greetings, the village L.C.1 chairman Mr. Kashimu opened the meeting with a prayer and then invited Kibo staff to take over the meeting. Suzan thanked the members for gathering and taking effort to search for the grass needed for building the stove. Some members managed to bring the right grass as others brought the wrong ones. However she informed them of how it was okay for others not being able to identify the right grass at the beginning of the lesson and that they would get a chance to learn from each other that day. Suzan first introduced Irene to the community and requested her to talk about a few healthy issues concerning nutrition as they waited for other members to come in the meeting. Later on, Jessica picked some grass and first demonstrated how to chop it into tiny pieces and then requested the members to organize themselves by each picking a handful of grass so that they would also practice how to chop the grass. Each member was given a chance to practice chopping the grass which was very important because it enabled each one to learn the skill easily without cutting theirselves The members thanked Kibo group for the healthy and safe kitchen program introduced in their community and the meeting finally came to an end after they all agreed on the date and time that the next meeting would take place. One of the community members closed the meeting with a prayer. 
Program success
Fairly improved sanitation and hygiene 
Program critical needs
Need for the energy saving stoves 
Observed program ownership
Not yet identified 
Other program observations
Expectations of village
To mobilise themselves for the next meeting 
Staff preparations
To plan and prepare for the next meeting 

Next Visit: 2019-04-15 - Purpose: Building the first demonstration stove

Report Photos

6563 Some of the community members carrying the grass for demonstration purposes to the meeting
6566 Community members practicing how to chop the grass while others wait for their turn.