Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Ituba Namalowe - Namutumba

Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2019-04-15

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Harriet Kefeza
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2019-04-16 04:37:09 UTC
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Harriet Kefeza
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2019-04-16 05:14:27 UTC
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10:14-17:31 (7 h 17 m)
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12:31-15:34 (3 h 3 m)
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4 h 14 m

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demonstration stove,adjustements 
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Jeska Nairuba,Tape Bwana 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Jeska and Tape found the participants waiting for them at the meeting place. They were busy cutting grass needed for building stoves(trying to put knowledge into practice.) Kibo staff was warmly welcomed by the Chairperson LC1 of the village at the same time the Chairperson Healthy and Safe kitchen program. Kibo staff also asked how far the community had gone with cutting grass from the time they left their village. This was because during their previous meeting kibo staff had given the community the task of cutting at least two sacks of grass before getting the first demonstration stove. Surprisingly the community had finished cutting two sacks of grass and were still cutting more grass.This was very motivating to kibo staff and they asked the community to identify a participant who should get the first demonstration stove. The community decided to choose one old woman (kagoya Salem) this is because she has been active in the meetings despite being old. Also the group chose her because she is a disciplinary officer who is expected to lead by example by not dodging any meeting after getting a stove. The group together with kibo staff walked to the anti hill collected termite dirt, water, banana stems and other materials for building stoves. Kibo staff practically built one demonstration stove as the explained the whole process to to the community.The community was very excited to see a complete stove, thanked kibo for the program and promised to work as a team to ensure every one gets a stove as well as learn the skill of building stoves. 
Program success
Some members have started smearing their kitchens 
Program critical needs
Need to continue encouraging smearing. 
Observed program ownership
Sanitation and hygiene starndards have been kept. 
Other program observations
Expectations of village
Continue cutting grass. 
Staff preparations
Prepare for the next lesson. 

Next Visit: 2019-04-23 - Purpose: Build a demonstration stove.

Report Photos

6608 Jeska and Tape teaching participants how to mix the dirt and grass.
6701 Kibo staff teaching participants how to measure the banana stems required for building stoves.