Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kisiro - Namutumba

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2019-04-12

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Tom Ngobi
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2019-04-16 07:54:48 UTC
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Tom Ngobi
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2019-04-16 08:40:05 UTC
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10:10-18:05 (7 h 55 m)
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12:25-15:40 (3 h 15 m)
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4 h 40 m

Household visits

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To check on sanitation improvements 
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Tom Ngobi 
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Tom made a visit to kisiro village to check on improvements being made in sanitation and hygiene especially facility constructions in homes that are yet to finish there latrines. When Tom arrived in the village, he found a few of the committee members in the trading center waiting for him. The day was a little cloudy and therefore they decided that for the purpose of saving time due to the weather, they suggested to move around the village right away. There was also another problem in the village due to the heavy storm that had come in the day before, a woman and a child lost there lives when the house collapsed on them during the storm. So the committee members also wanted to go and attend the burial in the next village where the tragedy happened. So, they started off by moving in the trading center section where they saw a new pit being dug. The resident digging the pit had reached a depth of about 12ft and said his intention was to go up to 20ft. Tom and the committee members encouraged him to work fast so that the pit does not collapse due to the rains that have started. The resident agreed to work faster and get it finished. They also saw new shower facilities in the trading center and there was another resident who has bought materials to start the construction of his new latrine. From the trading center they moved to the lower section. On the lower section side, they found a new latrine recently constructed. In one home there was a new latrine being constructed. The resident had brought bricks for starting the construction. Tom and the committee members encouraged him before he starts the construction, he should first construct a good mud floor and let it first dry before he starts the construction. His neighbor had started on the roofing of his kitchen . Tom and the committee members thanked him for constructing a kitchen for his family as the woman was cooking in the open before. The lady was very appreciative to especially one committee member whom she said has greatly encouraged and influenced her husband to construct the kitchen. After Tom left for jinja while the rest of the committee members went to the funeral. 
Program success
Many more latrines are being constructed 
Program critical needs
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Other program observations
Expectations of village
Staff preparations
To mobilize the village for a general meeting 

Next Visit: 2019-04-17 - Purpose: To have a village meeting with the village leaders to discuss about how to improve on the sanitation and hygiene in each chairman’s respective section.

Report Photos

6644 A new pit being dug in the trading center section
6647 A recently constructed latrine in the home