Mvule Community Development - Bupaluka - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2019-04-29

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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community meeting 
When Alex B arrived at Bupaluka, he found the members in their group garden project . It was a day they decided to weed their cassava and soybeans. The garden is almost an acre and by the time Alex B arrived,those who started early before others had left after they completed their assigned task of working. They received some rain and and managed to plant during the fast rain . It is a demonstration garden where by members will learn how to intercrop. This is because there are cassava and soybeans,and the growth rate for cassava is slow compared to soybeans. The crops are doing well but the challenging part of it was the way weeding was done was not good. They were only digging the top layer not penetrating the ground which will not allow water to sink properly in the soil but it could also run off the ground causing soil erosion. Alex B thanked them for the unity and hard working towards their project. He told them that when it rains the water should not run through their garden but only to sink.He demonstrated to them how to do it by hoe they use for weeding.They bought the idea and promised to implement it. They also said that they are going to practice it also in their individual gardens back home,especially where water run from high to low areas.He also asked them to be prepared with money for pesticides to spray their crops when they attacked by the pests.They said as they had a pumps they always use for spraying the rice and suggested those ones to be used. 

Next Visit: 2019-05-06 - Purpose: To see how the garden project will be doing.

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6800 Alex B demonstrating the community how they should weed their group garden project.It was done so that water can sink in the soil to allow the crops to do better.