Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kagulu - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2019-04-26

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Alex Walyomu
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2019-04-30 04:48:07 UTC
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Alex Walyomu
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2019-04-30 08:03:14 UTC
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10:19-20:28 (10 h 9 m)
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12:31-18:29 (5 h 58 m)
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4 h 11 m

Water Community Meeting

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test pump and casting,installation 
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Walyomu Alex 
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LC1,LC2,LC3,HPM,VHT,Parish Councillor 
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On 26/04/2019 and the 27/04/2019, Alex was very busy in Kagulu to observe and supervise the new borehole pump testing and installation process. The Draco team came in to conclude the last part beginning with the pump testing process. This started on Friday where by the water was blown out using the pump to pump out the water for three hours to make sure the water has cleared and has got a recommended water recovery. The static water level was at 6.87M and this is first determined before starting the pumping of the water for three hours. On a very good note, the water cleared after 15 minutes and everyone had a chance to fetch water. Many people scrambled for water because it was such an important opportunity to get water from this near point than the other option where they have to walk more than two kilometers to the nearest well. The other borehole located about 300 meters is a low water yield and can only pump out less than 5 Jerrycans in an hour. Also there are many people in this village and they end fighting for water from this low water yield well in the trading center. People were very happy with smiling faces getting water from this well during the pump testing process because it is nearer to many people. After the three hours of pump testing, the water level was at 13.37M being pumped at a rate of 1500L/hr. This borehole has a capacity of pumping 5000L/hr. The water recovery was then determined after 30 minutes and the water recovery was at 90% and when it was left to one hour, the percentage of the recovery was at 94%. This new borehole passes dry well and fit to be used and It’s in position to serve many people as much as possible. On Saturday, the village together with Draco team continued with the process of borehole casting and installation. This too is such a long process and depending on the percentage of the water recovery and the hole depth ,the number of pipes to be installed is calculated. For this borehole in particular, six stainless pipes were installed and also the casting was completed that day later in the afternoon. The only responsibility left to the community was to take good care of the new slab and be able to water it at least two times a day for proper drying of the slab. The slab takes a minimum of 2 weeks before it’s considered to be dry. 

Next Visit: 2019-05-06 - Purpose: Supervise the slab drying and continue with the training of the water user committee

Report Photos

6806 The pump testing guy from Draco determines the static water level meanwhile some of the community members level the ground before setting up the mold
6809 Many people turned up to get water with smiling faces because they were not to move a long distance in search for water.
6812 Everyone was eager to have a test of water
6818 Pouring of the gravel and casting process
6821 The village people were very cooperative and helped to set up the mold before casting
6824 Busy casting the new borehole slab
6827 Casting of the new slab and doing finishing
6833 Village members line up to get water during the pump testing and blowing of water