Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kagulu - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2019-05-15

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Water Community Meeting

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Alex was in Kagulu to guide the community as they enact the new borehole bylaws that each water user has to follow to make sure the borehole is managed well. After training the water user committee understanding their roles and responsibilities, now it was a time to involve all the village members to come up with the bylaws. It’s such a big step because these laws do help and guide all the water users to manage their well. It’s important that the village understands that it’s their responsibility to manage their well and have a plan to repair it Incase of any breakdown and not to think that whoever person or NGO that gave the well still is responsible. Many boreholes breakdown just because there is a question of who owns that well and so they care less when it breaks down. Kibo does all these steps to instill a sense of borehole ownership and management of the well. First the people in Kagulu first discussed about how they would manage their borehole money and it was such an interesting discussion which resulted into majority preferring to open up a bank account and keep their money safe. Three people would be signatories to that account including the secretary, chairperson and the treasurer of the water user committee. Then the village went into to enact their borehole bylaws and together they agreed on 14 bylaws that each person that comes to get water from this borehole must adhere to and the water user committee has to enforce it to help take good care of this new well. One of the key bylaws were that the borehole shall opened from 6:am to 8:00pm, only clean Jerrycans are allowed to pump water , if anyone is found stealing the borehole fence poles will be fined a fee of 5000/= and animals are not allowed to drink water from the borehole since this borehole is only for people to get their water for drinking. It was such a long meeting but worth it because at the end of it all the people were happy that this would help them better manage their new borehole than what other villages do. They thanked Kibo group for all the ideas they have given them and they all vowed to do all what it takes to take good care of their borehole. Anyone found faulting these bylaws will be penalized by the water user committee and the village chairman. The sub county chief also stressed it clearly that this new borehole that Kagulu has received from Kibo cost a lot of money and so it’s a village responsibility to manage it very well. He said he would not hesitate to lock it if they are not taking good care of this borehole. Alex also told them that this borehole be locked up if it’s not managed very well as they have been promised. The village will start to use this well on Monday 20/05/2019. 

Next Visit: 2019-05-20 - Purpose: To have a borehole commissioning and witness the first day as the village starts to use their new borehole

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7019 Some of the women that were present in the meeting and participated during the process of enacting the borehole bylaws
7022 The women were very active in suggesting bylaws for their new borehole
7028 Alex guiding the community as the village enact their bylaws
7031 This lady called musenze was very active leading fellow women to do what it takes to take good care of their new borehole because they have been facing it rough moving a long distance in search for water and spending many hours trying to pump a low yield well in the trading center
7034 14 bylaws were enacted by the village to guide them as they use their borehole