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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-05-15

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Early Pregnancy 
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Learning Objectives
To understand the underlying causes of girls ages 13 and above getting pregnant before they are 18 and above or older. What are some of the things we tend to ignore that could be the reason why young girls are becoming pregnant.
Introduction Lorna went here to teach on the causes of early pregnancy. It is important to teach this lesson so that parents and fellow children are aware of the underlying causes of young girls getting pregnant while still young so as, they can address them to prevent the prevalence. Overview The meeting started about 1:30 pm with a word of prayer and a few opening remarks and later Lorna took on. Lorna asked the members of a preview of the previous lesson but they seemed not to remember well prompting Lorna to reteach the lesson Goal setting which was not the plan. Lorna started by asking the community members whether is was important to set goals and they agreed that yes it was important to do so. Lorna said if that was the case what are some of the reasons why it is important to set goals?. One man said it helps one to plan better. Lorna agreed that having goals helps one to plan better for their life. Hassan said that it helps one to save because they have something they want to do. Lorna added that when one has a goal for their life, they look forward to waking up every morning to work hard because they have something to achieve. She said it is very important for one to have goals other than live their life each day without having anything at the end of the day or year to achieve. She said that is a very dangerous way to live therefore everyone should have a goal for their life. Lorna added that achieving a goal also helps one to even dream higher as it encourages one to look forward to achieving another much bigger goal. They also looked at short and long term goals and some of the goals mentioned were Marriage, rice farming, starting up a business among others. We also were able to set time frames for these goals. Lorna also asked that the community members who were present act as accountability partners not to laugh at this people for not achieving their goals but to support them in any way and most importantly remind them when they go off their path. Lorna also asked Hassan who said he wanted to get married whether he already had somebody in mind because there is saying that you want to get married but their is no one in the picture this sent the community members laughing. After this they switched the lesson to Early Pregnancy. Lorna mentioned that at about 12 years old both girls and boys start developing physically and want to try out certain things and without the guidance of their parents it could get worse. Lorna said at this stage or age children are sexually active and ignoring talking to the children at this stage may lead to unwanted consequences like early pregnancies. Lorna then asked the community members what some of these causes were; they mentioned poverty which Lorna said this is very true as it pushes the girls to go and look for help else where which could lead them to getting what they want through sex. Jacqueline a pupil from Kigalama mentioned Puberty stage. Lorna told her it was a very good answer and asked her to explain to the community. She said that it is a period of transformation from childhood to adulthood and this is seen by various changes in the body. Lorna said this is a critical stage as when body changes start to occur, many girl and boy children start to think they are old enough to engage in sexual activity. One lady also mentioned parents who don’t take equal responsibility towards their children for example ; one of the parents either the mother or the father taking sides with the child when in wrong or just one leaving responsibility for the other one. Here alorna gave an example of for example when the girl is pregnant , the mother may tell her not to tell the father and say she knows someone who can help abort the child. Lorna said this in turn leaves the girl with a choice that next time when she is pregnant she will know what to do even though she doesn’t tell her parents. This pushed the community members to a different discussion of which of the parents was responsible of taking care of their children. Some said mothers while others said fathers. Lorna said that will be for another day. Lorna added divorced parents , absentee parents , lack of scholastic materials, poor performance, bad peer groups, alcoholic parents , sharing rooms with children where they can hear whatever is going on with their parents including sex which they may want to also try. Conclusion Lorna thanked the members for coming and told them she will be back next week Wednesday which will be the 22 May. 

Next Visit: 2019-05-22 - Purpose: Teach the consequences/dangers of early pregnancy

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