Mvule Community Development - Nabikenge - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2019-05-20

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Alex Bamulumbye
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2019-05-20 07:16:01 UTC
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Alex Bamulumbye
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2019-05-21 08:01:35 UTC
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10:15-17:20 (7 h 5 m)
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12:33-14:40 (2 h 7 m)
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4 h 58 m

Mvule Community Development lesson

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Alex Bamulumbye 
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Kate andMerine from USA 
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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Alex B and two students from Harding University USA,Kate and Merine went to Nabikenge to access how Mvule community development program is doing.This was after the chairperson of the group Nabirye Margaret call for a good number of times. When they arrived,they were received by Nabirye Margaret at her home because it were they always held their group meetings. They together decided to begin with checking on the kibo group programs.They saw the stoves,trees the borehole and chicken coops. Kate and Merine were happy about the programs of kibo group in that village.They managed to see the group garden project of groundnuts and soybeans.It took them some time to reach were they planted them since they were moving with some members of the group. The garden was almost of three acres,two of groundnuts and one of soybeans? The meeting was a brief one as most of the time was spent checking on other programs of kibo group.The chairperson of the group Nabirye Margaret thanked kibo group for wisdom they have within the community.Alex B introduced the students to the members of the group. Kate and Merine also told the members where they came from and their names,it was already half past two o’clock and they had to leave for Jinja. 

Next Visit: 2019-07-05 - Purpose: To evaluate the Group garden project.

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7052 He is Isabirye standing near his mvule tree.