Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kagulu - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2019-05-20

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2019-05-21 08:55:11 UTC
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Water Community Meeting

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Walyomu Alex 
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LC1,LC2,LC3,HPM,VHT,Parish Councillor 
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Carter, Carrise 
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Alex together with two kibo fellas were in Kagulu to attend the first day of the community to use their new well. It was such a wonderful day for Kagulu to celebrate using their new well and all the people were very happy and danced a lot having recalled how far the village has come from. Some of the government officials were present at the meeting including, the sub county chief, the woman councilor, parish councilor and an agricultural officer. They all appreciated Kibo group for the support towards the Kagulu people since the village has been struggling to get clean water from a low yield well in the trading center. The community was told to keep the promise of taking good care of their borehole because this is a community responsibility for all the people that use this well. The area hand pump mechanic mechanic was also present and reminded them to always check on their borehole and if anything is not going well, he should be contacted to come and check on it. Also the hand pump mechanic mechanic lives in the next village and so he promised to make regular visits to this well to make sure all is going well on this borehole. Alex then reminded the gathering that it was their responsibility to keep the borehole working and the water user committee to always remain active exercising their duties as they were told to do. Kibo will be happy if the community managed their well properly and that if the village took up the initiative to maintain their village hygiene standards. The village then gathered around their well to pray that God protects their well after putting on the head assembly by the HPM. The village was in general very happy pumping their well for the first time and danced a lot with Alex and the Kibo fellas. The secretary, chairman and treasurer have the responsibility to open up a bank account to keep the borehole money safe. Alex will go back to follow up on this and make sure a bank account is opened up and also take a borehole account record book to the water user committee and supply out the copies of the bylaws to the responsible authorities. 

Next Visit: 2019-05-27 - Purpose: To complete signing of the bylaws, follow up on the borehole account in the bank and deliver a borehole cash book

Report Photos

7079 Alex dancing together with the kibo fellas, Carter and Carrise with the community members
7085 Community meeting before the well commissioning
7088 Kagulu village members surrounded their borehole and even prayed together for God to protect their well
7091 The hand pump mechanic putting on the head assembly
7094 The village together praying for their borehole being led by the area woman councilor
7097 Carter one of the Kibo fellas pumping the well
7100 The kibo fellas having some fun with the village kids