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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-05-22

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Dangers of early pregnancy,Causes of early pregnancy 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Carter and Aleya 
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Learning Objectives
- To raise awareness on the rising cases of children engaging in sex when young and the consequences they have.
Introduction Early pregnancy and as young as age 5 and teenagers engaging into early sex is very disturbing. Therefore there is need to create awareness especially among the parents of these children to do something about it and the need to know that it is wrong. Overview Lorna, Carter and Aleya went to Kigalama to continue with the topic Decision making; where they reviewed the previous topic causes of Early pregnancy and it’s consequences/dangers. The meeting started by the chairman welcoming the community members to the meeting and gave Lorna the floor. Lorna asked a young Muslim teen mother to open with a word of prayer. The community was hesitant as the chairman kept whispering she’s a Muslim but Lorna said it’s okay and encouraged her to go ahead and pray. After the prayer Lorna introduced Aleya and Carter and begun with the review. It was very community centered and great to see both women and men speaking up and contributing to what they know as the causes of early pregnancy. The youth were also very exciting as they were pushing the women to speak up. Among the causes Steven mentioned the girls provoke them to have sex with them even when they don’t want to, Babirye said our bodies have sexual need that need to be satisfied, another thing mentioned by the Chairman was parental neglect where parents don’t provide for their children anymore, Amina a pupil from Kigalama mentioned that parents sending their children to the trading center, to fetch water in the evenings gives them chance to meet the men therefore putting them at risk. Others mentioned were admiring things , poverty, lack of basic needs ,divorced parents, alcoholic parents , violence at home , puberty stage where the boy or girl experience body changes like enlargement of breasts, hips, beards for boys ,absentee parents, poor performance and most importantly parents not being able to speak up about sex to their children.Lorna added that these children know all about sex but need to be guided on when it is right to have sex and not just to treat sex as a no go area. Lorna mentioned there is material everywhere that exposes these children to sex and so parents should not think their children don’t know these things.Mzee Martin agreed with Lorna on this as he said children learn about this from the trading centers in the local video halls. Another thing that was mentioned by one of the youth is that these girls refuse them to wear condoms and so for them they just go ahead with what is told of them. Lorna discouraged this and urged them who are older in such scenarios to take the upper hand and tell them they are still young and this is wrong.There is a time for everything. After the causes, Lorna asked each one to look at their neighbour and ask them these two questions; how they would feel if their daughter got pregnant early? where most of them said very bad. Lorna asked how about if it was their neighbors , friends would they still have the same response or would they ridicule them. There was no much response here. Lorna said it should be everyone’s responsibility to ensure their child or neighbours child should not be caught up here. They then looked at some of the dangers like; death during birth and this may be for both the mother and the baby, Low birth weight since the mother will not be eating the balanced diet that is needed for the development of the baby and also the young mother, School dropout, Family neglect where parents tell their children since they got themselves pregnant they should also care for themselves and their needs, Abortion which may lead to death and promote the vice further, contracting of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV /AIDS. Conclusion At the end of the lesson, one man asked Lorna to teach on solutions which Lorna responded as the next lesson. Lorna also had a small chat with the youth and advised them to let the children be and if they provoke them , let them tell theses young girls that when they grow older then maybe they will revisit the idea but first they should study hard. They will also be protecting themselves from diseases like HIV/AIDS.Kakose a VHT and prominent woman leader also asked the fellow mothers to go for Zthe hepatitis vaccine which was to be administered on Thursday. 

Next Visit: 2019-06-12 - Purpose: Continue with consequences and then the solutions or what can be done to avoid Early pregnancy.

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7121 On the causes of early pregnancy, Hassan was saying that the girls provoke them into having sex with them.
7124 Amina sharing about causes of early pregnancy.
7133 Carter giving a view on his general feeling towards early pregnancy
7136 Aleya also giving an overview also on the topic of the day Early Pregnancy