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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-05-31

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Steps in Making Good Decision 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Merin, Kaitlyn 
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Learning Objectives
To know what some of the reasons children/ teenagers get involved in sex early and also why the need for them to Abstain from Sex.
Introduction Lorna went to teach on Abstinence from sex and it’s importance. Abstinence refers to staying away from sex, Alcohol but in this case however we looked at Abstaining from Sex. Children ages 12,13 and above are sexually active and therefore it is important to teach this topic to create a state of awareness on the consequences of not abstaining and it negatively affects their future. Overview This was Lorna’s first visit since the second academic term begun. Last term they stopped on the dangers of early marriages. This term however, they started with Abstaining from Sex. They defined the term Abstinence which they looked at as staying away from sex and then looked at what some of the reasons that people give for saying yes to sex. Some of the reasons looked at were; being curious about sex this could be because they have heard about it from someone or the urge to just give it a try without knowing the consequences, proof of love- where to prove indeed the love between two parties, one of the parties has to agree to sex, fear of ending the relationship. Whereby the other party boy or girl threatens to end the relationship if one of them refuses to have sex with them. Other reasons were it feels right since they have known each other for long, one partner convincing the other, both are comfortable with the decision,peer pressure. Some of the reasons why someone would /should say no to sex which were; Fear of pregnancy, stigma from friends, peers, family, fear of diseases like Sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS , syphlis,gonorrhea, Religious values, not ready because he/she is young, family expectations not to have sex, for continuity of friendship among others. They also looked at the importance of Abstinence/Reasons to Delay sex; To avoid early School dropout, to avoid early pregnancies,to avoid early marriages, Abstaining from sex leads to better academic performance since the thoughts are focusing on school as opposed to what one did the previous night,week, day. Abstaining from sex provides for Self respect, prevents stress, for purposes of being exemplary to peers,siblings, helps one achieve their future dreams , obeying Gods word that our bodies are the Lords temple and if used otherwise defiles His temple which is ourselves, better health ; physically, spiritually and emotionally. To conclude the topic , Lorna picked on a few volunteers who acted out 3 short skits on what the lesson was all about. Lorna thought this would bring out well exactly what the topic was about. The skits were on the reasons for saying yes to sex where we saw one girl getting pregnant and dropping out of school, we saw another who also agreed to sex due to peer pressure of everyone having sex and for fear of loosing their partners , the third skit was on reasons for saying no whereby despite the boyfriend pushing for sex Jaqueline refused and decided to concentrate on her studies. It was fun and exciting. The Kibo fellas were amazed and thanked Lorna for the great lesson. 

Next Visit: 2019-06-10 - Purpose: Continue with Decision making

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7265 Allan writing his answer on the chalk board. This helps build confidence and also helps to correct spelling mistakes.
7268 Kibo fellas advising the pupils at the end of the lesson.
7271 Pupils acted out a skit at the end of the lesson with guidance from Lorna.