Mvule Community Development - Bupaluka - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2019-06-10

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Alex B met forty three members of Bupaluka about how they can work out to open group bank account.This was after failing to succeed with the centenary bank. The chairperson of the group Saul Mutooto said that the leaders presented what was required by the bank ,but could not be considered.He added that a number of trips were made to seek for clarity which was expensive in terms of transport costs. Also money used to type the document was another expense that was made from the group. Alex B suggested to them make more research to other different banks in the same town and discuss on which one is more convenient .He also advised them to choose a bank with less requirements but more effective. The minimum amount of money for opening should be one of major factors.He told them that,they need to contribute more money towards that issue. This because some of the money they had jointly collected as a group was spent on more trips made by the committee for transport to centenary bank.He also told them the chosen bank should be the most convenient place for keeping their money for saving scheme.Also money they are hoping to get from the garden of soybeans will be deposed to their group bank account. It will be more safe and convenient for them to handle their finances. The leaders will go for more research in other different banks, get what is required and discuss In the next meeting .Alex B will guide them how to go a bout it. He also visited their demonstration group gardens project. The garden of soybeans and cassava was doing good. He thanked them for caring it since it was promising. 

Next Visit: 2019-06-17 - Purpose: To continue discussing and guiding the members about opening group bank account.

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7331 That the demonstration ground garden project of soybeans and cassava.