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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-06-07

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Steps in Making Good Decision,Your Goals 
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Learning Objectives
To learn how to make good decisions in life
Introduction Lorna went to this village to continue with the topic Decision making as she was not able to deliver this lesson the last time because community members came late and it wasn’t possible to teach at that time, hence postponing to this day. Overview Lorna waited for some to e before the members started to come. It was a tricky day as it had rained previously and so the community members were in the gardens. Also being a Friday most of the community members who are Muslims first go to the mosque then join in later. The chairman opened the meeting with a word of prayer and invited Lorna to deliver what she had for them. Lorna thanked him and immediately started the lesson. There many decisions we make on a daily whereby how we are prepared for them matters and how it affects us positively or negatively matters on how one is prepared of their decision. Lorna mentioned that we all make decisions differently but some of the steps to consider are; stop and take some time to think about the issue at hand, define what the problem is, seek advice from others as no man is an island. We all need each other and even though the person has not helped you , interacting with someone helps you get a point of view or directs you towards the right decision to make. Lorna added that sometimes we still make decisions thinking they are right and it backfires but this does not mean that one should give up now but find another way about it. They also looked at prayer as being one one of the big steps as prayer puts one at peace and gives the person direction, considering family values, considering cultural practices and religious beliefs, considering all options available, imagine possible outcomes and consequences among others. Lorna then gave them a scenario of a one woman Nabirye who is 38 years old with seven children and does not want children anymore but the husband wants to have children. Nabirye is confused and needs help. Lorna asked the community how can they help. One man stood up and said he gets another wife which did not make the women very happy. Harriet said they need to see a counselor or talk to another third party who understands what they are going through. Tuli the chairman said Nabirye needs to talk to her husband and be clear about why she does not want to have more children but also listen to her husbands reasons and come to a compromise. One of the questions asked should be are they able to care for their family well and cater for all their needs ?, they mentioned prayer also , seek advice from those in the same position. These and many others were mentioned. Lorna mentioned that everything they have said on how to help this woman are among the steps mentioned in making good decisions. Lorna said for a married couple decisions need to be made together although sometimes there has to be compromise, both parties need to be heard equally and by the time a decision is made, all parties are happy. That is where some people get other wives, go outside their marriages simply because they have not brought out this problem but are making radical decisions. Decisions are thought through then apprehended. Lorna asked to stop here as she had to followup on the two families. Conclusion Nabirye and her husband have been going to the health center together getting HIV tests done and have so far gone twice and are yet to go for a third. Lorna found them in a happy mood which was great to see and Lorna encouraged them not to give up but walk together and support each other no matter the end result. Harriet’s husband was away but she told Lorna that when she talked to him about going to get his treatment, he was willing however their only challenge is transport for him to go to the nearest health center. The challenge however is Harriets husband has no job and so does Harriet. however Harriet has started a small business selling pancakes to help run their family and also it is where she gets money to buy Hajji his Septrine. Lorna was proud of Harriet and said next time she wants to meet them both. Lorna asked Harriet to continue encouraging Hajji not to worry about anything as worrying may affect his health especially after she mentioned his only worry being having no job. 

Next Visit: 2019-06-14 - Purpose: Continue with Decision making looking at life story and goal setting.

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7397 Harriet and Lorna having a chat.
7400 Harriet sells pancakes from her home.
7403 Nabirye and Her husband at their home