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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-06-14

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Steps in Making Good Decision,Your Goals 
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Learning Objectives
- Identify steps in making good decisions. - To know the advantages and disadvantages of making rational decisions. - To understand what a goal is and the importance of setting/having goals in ones life
Introduction Lorna went to Kigalama and taught about Decision making and the various steps involved and also looked at Goal setting and the importance of setting goals. Overview Lorna went along with Mark Sekimpi to teach about Decision making. They waited for sometime before the community members joined them. When the members had come, the chairman opened the meeting which was started with a word of prayer.After this Lorna introduced Mark to the community and gave him a chance to talk about himself. After this Lorna went ahead and started the lesson. Lorna taught on what a good decision was and she mentioned that there good and bad decisions. Making a good decision concerning anything in our lives entails thinking through whereas there those that one can just decide for example what to eat, what to wear, where to go, others like who to marry, when to marry, why to add a second wife, land to buy, businesses to start, animals among others need to be thought through. Lorna mentioned the steps they were to look at were not necessarily the right ones to use but can guide us through the process. Among the steps looked at were; stopping to think about the situation/problem, seeking advice from others, listening to advice.Here Lorna talked about sometimes people go out looking for advice on certain issues but then refuse to listen and the question is why did they go seeking and then shun the advice.Lorna said the fact that one went there to seek advice means they needed a second opinion other that theirs and maybe even a third. Others mentioned were considering cultural and religious beliefs, family and personal values among others. Lorna also mentioned some of the decisions that can be made now are ; to be a better husband or wife , to make more time for their family for example if one was always at the trading center everyday and their family gets to see them only in the night, some things need to change and decisions can be made. Consider all options available , the impacts of the decision about to be made ,make the decision and consider the consequences of that decision. Lorna gave an example of two girls fetching water at the borehole and one of the women who is also fetching water overhears one say she is pregnant and they are friends with the mother to this child, what would they do or what decision would they make on how to help this girl. Most of the women said they would keep quiet about it and when asked why they said the mother might beat her to death. Others said they would go ahead and mention to the mother of the girl. Others said it’s non of their business so they would keep quiet. Lorna mentioned that all their considerations are steps towards making the right decision. Lorna said what if by not mentioning to the girls mother, the girl goes ahead and carries out an abortion and looses her life and the babies life. Would the people who kept quiet have a clear conscience?. Lorna asked what if the person who overheard goes ahead and tells the mother about hearing something about her daughter but was not sure and tells her to go ahead and ask her daughters best friend if her daughter had a problem and go from there. Another option could be talking to the girl herself. Lorna said whatever approach the Pearson would decide, needed to be be well thought through and weighed. Under goal setting, they looked at the definition of a goal and after that Lorna asked whether it was important to have a goal in life. The community responded yes. Lorna said there were many things that one needs to accomplish in life but find it so hard and the number one challenge is money. Lorna however mentioned that it doesn’t mean that one should not work hard towards attaining their goal. She mentioned long and short term goals whereby a short term goal ranges from 1- 3 months and long term was 6 months to a year and beyond. Some of the short term goals looked at were ; rearing poultry, buying goats, bricklaying, farming while long term were marriage, opening up a mobile money business, buying land, motorcycle among others. Lorna mentioned some things seem impossible but one can always start with what they have . A short term goal can lead to a long term goal. Lorna also used an example of their Savings Scheme and asked the community members to each question themselves why they joined the Scheme because when they find out, it will avoid misunderstandings of demanding for money and yet the money has not yet amounted to much. After looking at individual goals then they can look at the group goal. They stopped here since time had gone and the members came late. Conclusion Lorna urged the members to always keep time if they want to benefit from this program. They will start with the importance of setting goals next time. 

Next Visit: 2019-06-28 - Purpose: Continue with Decision making skills

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