Life Skills Education and Counseling - Bukhudumira - Bukhudumira Primary School - Namutumba

Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2019-06-17

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

Bukhudumira Primary School 
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Communication Puzzle 
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Ongyera Manuella 
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Class Teacher,Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
To teach the pupils about the importance of communication skills.
Introduction Manuela went to this school to teach about communication skills, communication skills means the sending and receiving of massages from one person to another with an effective feed back. Manuela went on told the pupils that having good communication can promote good relationships and love among young people and old ones too, she went on and told the pupils to try and practice good communication among them. Overview When Manuela reached the school she went directly into Life Skills class, she started by greeting the pupils and she asked how was the post test which they did about decisions making Skills, after that she introduced the new topic which was communication skills, she told the pupils that this topic is aimed at educating them to don’t good communication skills and improving on their gramma and public speaking When Manuela was teaching she told the pupils that, with good communication there will be love and good relationships among them , she told the pupils to stop Volga wards and languages towards their fellows. Manuela asked the pupils what is communication?, and also what is communication skills.? Pupils were able to share their views on that question but Manuela went on and explained more and clear to them that, communication is the sending and receiving of massages from one person to another while communication skills is the sending and receiving of massages from one another with an effective feed back, she also asked them about the types of communication and the different means of communication that people use in their daily lives. After that Manuela also talked about communication barriers and the importance of communicating, during this lesson pupils were centered, Manuela would asked the pupils and they would try to share their ideas as a sign of positive participation. Pupils played a big role in participating activity. Finally, Manuela encouraged the pupils to practice good communication skills and they should try to ask for what they don’t know so that to have good information. She also told them to speak English with one another. 
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2019-06-26 - Purpose: Manuela will be going back to that school and have a carrier guidance on the importance of abstinence with the primary seven pupils.
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7445 Manuela teaching about communication skills
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7451 Manuela is explaining the importance of communicating than being silent