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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-06-19

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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Relationship Skills: Love 
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Learning Objectives
Identify the importance and means to which we can relate well, work well together in our families, communities with our children.
Introduction The last time Lorna interacted with the community while introducing life skills and asked them the most pressing need in their community, they spoke about working well together too much rumors being spread around, relating with their children. Overview After the community members had gathered at the meeting place , the chairman opened with a word of prayer and the lesson began. Lorna introduced relationship skills to the community and defined what it is in the local language. Relationship Skills is a way of working well together, loving each other , doing things together ,communicating well to each other without any struggles, bad motives. Two things compose relationship skills communication and critical thinking. Whereby communicating well with each other prevents wrangles, arguments and brings about understanding , reconciliation, forgiveness and love in a home.Critical thinking on the other hand entails thinking about the issue at hand before responding. Lorna taught this lesson by dividing it into three; - Relationships in the family that is husband. Wife - Relationships in the community - Relationships with our children. This is not going to be a one time lesson and therefore whenever need arises we will talk about it. Some of the things looked at under relationships with husbands and wife are; communicating with each other which is key in every relationship. Things that are not talked about are are the ones that bring issues in the family. The example given is when you hear that their husband or wife is cheating but choose to ignore or simply change your attitude towards your partner without them knowing what is going on does not help much. Every issue therefore has to be dealt with immediately eventually they will find out anyway and what could have been solved earlier becomes something that’s cannot be resolved which I turn affects the children and the community. Time was another very important factor where people need to be there for each other but most times we spend time drinking, playing games in the trading center more than we do with our family. Forgiveness also was mentioned whereby the on,y way to move on is to forgive one another and even the Bible tells us so.Respecting each other give respect where it is due but sometimes it’s hard to give respect to someone who does not respect themselves. Therefore if one deserves to be respected, their actions should prove so. Others were being grateful, complementing each other, sacrifice, Trust, Praying for each other. With the community, we looked at loving others even when they seem unlovable, wishing others well. Jealousy is poison, what you don’t have,you can only pray,hope,wish and work hard to be where they are. If someone is pregnant wish them well, visit them, fetch for them water, collect them firewood,let them fetch water first before you. Cooperation is also key, in burials, Saving schemes, sanitation. Don’t be the one who drags the community with you all the time among others. With Children , we talked briefly on how to relate with our children by being involved in our children’s life not only sending them to school and not knowing what is happened get to them at school. Most conversations are daddy or mummy school fees, books, food uniform but how about their life, what’s going on in their life, the friends they have, their teachers. As parents God gave us a responsibility over our household and if we are failing then we are failing God. Become friends with our children that they are comfortable talking about anything and everything boys disturbing them, men such that we avoid things like early pregnancies when it’s late. Conclusion Lorna thanked the community members for coming and told them not to leave anything they have learnt behind. They will continue from here next Wednesday. 

Next Visit: 2019-06-26 - Purpose: Teach relationship Skills and will be looking at Managing our Emotions.