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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2019-06-26

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Lesson Taught
What is love? 
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Lorna Katagara,Ongyera Manuella 
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Learning Objectives
To educate community members about the importance of love and good relationships among family members.
Manuela and Lorna went to bukahna village to teach the community members about the importance of love and good relationships in their communities this lesson is aimed at strengthening broken homes in the community so that it can re unit. This lesson also helps the parents to understand that without love there is no good relationships. Overview When Manuela and Lorna reached the community, they found seven men seated waiting for them, they were welcomed and they sat down, while seated Manuela and Lorna noticed that those men were no happy from the look in their face, so one of the Kibo staff asked the community members that , what are some of the problems in this community that press members a lot? When Manuela asked them that question, it really triggered their minds and they started talking one by one for example one man said that the problems he always face in his family is , his wife dose not respect him as a man in a home simply because of woman Emancipation, that his wife no longer listens to him because she has small business and she thinks that she can do everything, another man also complained that the children are his problem, that for him he has surrendered he no longer discipline this children because if he dose so , the mother of theses children becomes very annoyed with him. But all in all majority of the men where complaining about women and children, after discussing this issues with the men the women also came in and Manuela asked the women to, one of the woman said that, the problems which she faces is that, her husband who was also in that meeting have left all the responsibilities in her hands which is not good, then another woman also said that, men are very rude to the children, that instead of taking harmoniously they beat, kick and even they use Volga wards which is not good for children, then one of the aged women also said that children’s dressing cord is so poor in their community they requested Manuela and Lorna to talk to the children at school about the dressing cord. After all that Manuela and Lorna reacted towards their complain. Reactions Manuela and Lorna, advised the community members, to star taking to their children while still young, they should love their children and also have time and also prepare them before talking to them so that they can open up and share their ideas without fear, both men and women should get some time for their children not only women-alone, they-also advices women should love their husbands and husbands should also love their wives too. Kibo staff also added that, love and Relationships are very important in families. Finally, Manuela and Lorna, told the community members to come also in the next meeting too. 
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2019-07-03 - Purpose: To continue with the previous lessons, love and good relationships.
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7589 Manuela and Lorna are discussing with the community members about common problems that result in different homes in that village.
7592 This man was explaining how women emancipation have destroyed so many families in this village. For example he said that most women don’t listen to their husband simply because if they beat them they have where to report.
7595 That man was encouraging fellow community members to come again and they learn more about this lesson.