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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2019-07-01

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

Bukhudumira Primary School 
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Assertiveness: Passive 
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Ongyera Manuella 
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Learning Objectives
To educate the the different communication styles.
Introduction Communication styles is the different behavior that different people use while communicating, for example, Assertive, Passive and Aggressive. All these styles are always used by people while communicating, when teaching this lesson, the teacher is suppose to explain to the learners all the styles but after she or he should base on Assertive as the best way to communicate. Overview When Manuela reached the school, she found pupils reading their previous life skills notes which was about communication behavior. Manuela was so impressed by pupils and the life skills teacher for the wonderful practice. Manuela greeted the pupils, she told them to close their books and remind her about the previous lesson, since pupils were reading their notes , they had all the information about the previous lesson which was good. After that Manuela introduced another lesson, communication styles, this is another important lesson to pupils, this lesson enables the pupils to learn different styles of communication and it makes them to understand that Assertive is the best way to communicate. Manuela explained to the pupils each styles at a time, Passive behavior, is the state of being silent and apologizing all the time and not being able to decide between what is wrong and good. Manuela also told the pupils that somebody who is Passive will always be silent, closing her with the hands while talking, apologizing a lot always putting other people at their expense and a mongoose others. Assertive behavior, Manuela told the the pupils that, Assertive means being confident and always a yes is a yes and no is a no without change. Manuela explained to the pupils that someone who is Assertive will always be confident, will say exactly what they want, fight for their rights without oppressing others , making good decisions and always listening and talking. Manuela went on and also explained the Aggressive behavior, this is the the state of being rude and threatening all the time to human life. Manuela said someone who is Aggressive will always be rude, oppressing people rights, fighting for what dose no belong to them, and accusing others for what he did wrong. Finally, after Manuela teaching the pupils, she took the pupils through a role play about the different styles of communication skills, due to time it did not go on well but she plans to continue with that in the next visit. Manuela also encouraged the pupils to practice Assertive ways of communication. 
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2019-07-08 - Purpose: To educate the pupils about the importance of knowing some of the pauassive wards from wrong people who want to take advantages of them.
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7622 Besides teaching life skills, Manuela is encouraging the pupils to practice reading culture.
7625 Manuela also encourages the pupils to practice reading culture, not only in life skills but also other subjects too.
7628 Manuela is explaining to the pupils the different communication styles for example she was trying to educate the pupils about Assertiveness as the beast way to communicate.