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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-07-01

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Steps in Making Good Decision 
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Learning Objectives
The pupils repeated their post test on Decision making and this was done to check whether they understood some topics under Decision making after Lorna and Manuela went back and retaught some of these lessons.
Introduction Lorna went to give the pupils a retake on the post test on Decision Making. Overview Lorna and Manuela previously while marking the post test realized that there were particular topics that the pupils failed and therefore they needed to do something about it. Lorna and Manuela tagged and together visited most of these topics to ensure that the pupils understood very well. They then informed the pupils that they will be retaking this post test and therefore they needed to read hard. During the revision of the past post test, the pupils were taught grammar , spellings, sentence construction and therefore this was what they were going to also look at in the post test retake. Lorna found the pupils sitted in class with their books and Lorna decided to give them 30 minutes to revise their notes before issuing out the post test. Lorna advised them to read the questions more than once , understand it before they can write anything. Lorna told the pupils there was nothing that was taken out or added on the post test and that it was just the same as the previous one. She explained that their aim for this test is to check whether they understood well the topic. From the previous post test they did not do so well and there was no way to move on without ensuring that they had understood before moving on to the next topic. Lorna hopes that the performance this time will be much better than the last. Challenges Lorna noticed the pupils attendence is on and off and so Lorna asked why? .Teacher Steven mentioned children stay home to help their parents, others go to sugar cane plantations as some of the reasons why. This will be addressed to their parents in relation to parental roles and responsibilities. Lorna also mentioned this to the headmaster and asked him to reinforce parents on their responsibilities to their children through PTAs( Parents Teachers Association) meetings. Conclusion Lorna will be returning on 3/ July to continue with Communication Skills Topic. 

Next Visit: 2019-07-03 - Purpose: To continue with the topic Communication Skills looking at Communication styles and behaviors

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7676 Pupils during the redo of the post test of Decision Making Skills