Life Skills Education and Counseling - Kigalama - Kigalama Primary School - Namutumba

Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-06-30

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Your Goals 
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Learning Objectives
To understand the importance of setting goals and how it affects our lives. To know the factors to consider in making decisions
Introduction Lorna went back to Kigalama to continue where she had stopped previously. Previously Lorna taught on steps in decision making and the importance of goal setting. Overview Lorna reached and moved around mobilizing the community members to come to the meeting and this was where she noticed that most of the compounds were not swept as they had litter including the chairman’s home. After moving a few homes, Lorna came back to the meeting place and waited to be joined by the community members. When they finally came, Lorna asked the community members what they had learnt previously and most of them seemed not to remember. Lorna encouraged them not to just leave everything they learnt at the meeting place but understand and build on it having different ideas so that the next time Lorna comes, they have more ideas and more questions to ask. Lorna picked on 2 men who are always present at the meeting to remind the rest of the community members what it was they taught about. Lorna said this time she also wants to be on the other side listening from the community members. They reminded the group of a few steps in Decision making as they also did not remember much. Yafesi mentioned two steps and explained and Joshua also mentioned two steps. Lorna thanked them so much and asked the group to clap for them. Lorna then had to go through the steps again explaining each and then also on the importance of setting goals. After the review, Lorna built on the previous topic and this time She introduced them to a goals worksheet. This is simply a guideline to setting both our short term goals and long term goals. It helps one be not only on the right track but disciplined if one is to achieve their goals in life. The first step is to identify ones goal( Piggery,poultry,farming,marriage,bricklaying,school) whatever it is one needs to start somewhere. Secondly what will be the good things one will get when they achieve this goal. The good things should encourage one to keep going, thirdly what are some of the possible challenges one may encounter, forth what does one need to learn from this or do to make things better or make it work, Fifth seek advice from those who have been before us and succeeded, sixth Action plan ; how is it going to work and lastly completion date which keeps one accountable. Lorna added having an accountability partner who will keep him/her in check not to laugh at them for failing but encourage them to keep going. Lorna mentioned that we should all strive towards achieving something in life and this does not mean that each one has it easy and they can just achieve their goals that’s why there are short and long term goals but one needs to start from somewhere to get to somewhere. Lorna asked the community members to imagine their life in the next 3 to 4 years whether they still want to be in the same place or situation they are. She asked them whether for those who are not married wouldn’t they want to be married, she asked those who want to start businesses don’t they want to start planning now, she asked those who did not have standard latrines and they are about to fall and even some have cracks, do they want to have the same facility in the 3 years?. She asked about those with children who have not started School, but they need to go to school and they if that was to come to pass, they needed to start planning now. She told them even though they set these goals and not achieve them, they would have number identified the goal which is a very first big step and then later work hard towards achieving this goal. Lorna challenged them that there obstacles and challenges to achieving ones goal for example, they mentioned money, Lorna added even our spouses, friends. Lorna encouraged them to create time especially for the spouses and talk about what their future as a family looks like and not to push it . It can start just as an idea and then they can pick it up later. For the case of friends who don’t like to develop Lorna asked them to let those go and look out for those that can build them. Lorna also cautioned the community members not to be jealous and wish those who are trying to achieve their goals bad but to support them and be encouraged by them. Conclusion Zalika discussed her short and long term goals with the group and Lorna encouraged her to set a closing date for it that even though she does not fulfill or achieve her goal, it would have given her a view on how it can work out better. Suburb also shared her goal with the group which was encouraging. Lorna told the rest to think about their goal s and let her know on the next visit. 

Next Visit: 2019-07-19 - Purpose: Teach on Causes, Dangers of early pregnancy and why it is important for parents to encourage their children to delay in engaging in sexual practices.

Report Photos

7691 The person standing in the picture is Tuli the chairperson of Kigalama / Namuseno.He was reminding the community members of what they learnt about in the previous lesson.