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Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2019-07-05

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2019-07-09 11:40:28 UTC
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Irene Ngobi 
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Health lesson 9: Disease Recognition 
Irene went to continue with disease recognition to teach about skin diseases ,the different types and who is at risk. Irene started with a recap of the previous lesson then asked the community members what they understand by the word skin. Nairuba said skin is the light layer that covers the meat and bones on our bodies, waiswa said the black or brown layer that covers the meat on our bodies and more answers then Irene added that the skin is the largest body’s organ which has so many functions like protecting and covering the body, and keeping out germs. Irene added that some times germs can cause a skin infection and this normally happens when there is a break,cut,or wound on the skin or weakened immune system due to other diseases or treatment. Irene also discussed the different types of skin infections that ranged from bacterial,viral,fungal,parasitic and the people at risk of getting the different diseases. The community members asked several questions. Then Irene informed them to look out on the different signs and symptoms of the skin diseases as it will be the next lesson 
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2019-07-15 - Purpose: To teach about the signs and symptoms, prevention, and treatment of skin diseases.
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