Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kisiro - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2019-07-08

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Water Sanitation and Hygiene 
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This was a village leaders meeting with Kibo staff about the current Sanitation status of Kisiro and decide together on a way forward for those households still struggling. All the leaders for the 8 LCs that make up Kisiro village. WASH staffs realized that these leaders have not been more involved into this program and it was a high time to get all of them on board to work together and try to discuss the challenges in Kisiro village. All these leaders including the vht sub county mobilizer and the LC 2 first appreciated kibo group for the good work done in the village and raising sanitation standards in the village compared to how Kisiro was 2 years ago. They also agreed that all the leaders have not played their roles as required and promised to give all the support and make sure those homes in the village that are still struggling also be helped to improve. The other biggest challenge in this village is the sandy soils where by the pit latrines also easily sink in whenever it rains. The leaders have continued decry this problem in the village but Alex told them that it can only be minimized if the people roof their pit latrines. The village leaders promised to step up talking to people to roof their pit latrines and accelerate the process of contributing money for the iron sheets. On a very good note, there are many new pits under construction in some of the homes whose pit latrines collapsed due to the heavy rains. The leaders and Alex agreed to move together in the homes that are still lagging behind to improve also. They have been encouraged to work together and move as a team of LCs in the village to encourage people to maintain their sanitation standards and should not only wait for the days when Kibo is in the village. There will be more emphasis put on the people that are still working on digging their new pits and ensuring that everyone has pit latrine and not defecating in the open. 
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2019-07-15 - Purpose: Continue follow up in the remaining homes that have not met the standards.
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7748 New pit under construction in Kisiro village