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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-07-10

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Aggressive Behaviours,Assertiveness: Attack and Avoid 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
- Differentiate between the different kinds of Communication styles and Behaviors. - By the end of the lesson , the pupils will be able to know what style they usually use and when , where and in what situation can they apply these styles.
Introduction Communication skills refers to the sending and receiving of messages with an Effective feedback. Communication is a great aspect in our daily living and the way we communicate to others can determine ones success or failure. It can build relationships or destroy them. It can open opportunities or close them.It is therefore an important skill that one not only has to master to be successful but understand and to be able to use it to their own benefit and the sake of others. Overview Lorna went to Bukhana Primary School to continue with the Topic communication Skills. She headed to the Headteacher office where she was received , signed in the book and headed straight to class. Lorna returned the pupils scripts and appreciated them for the effort they put in this time as they improved from the previous test. After that Lorna went through a review of what they had learnt before on communication skills, barriers of communication, means of communication and the styles of communication ; Attack and Avoid. They were able to look at both definitions and thereafter looked at the characteristics of both the Attack and Avoid behavior. Lorna told them that at the end of this all they will able to discover what communication styles or behaviors do they portray so as to be able to be better or drop one for the other or be able to balance.Some of the characteristics of Attack were ; fighting, interrupting others while they speak, shouting, insulting others,pointing fingers among others. Those of Avoid were; backbiting, suffering in silence, withdrawal, being polite and yet hurt in the inside among others. It was a fun session as Lorna co-taught with the two life skills teachers who were able to also bring examples especially when teacher Peninah mentioned the Primary six class for being culprits at using the Attack communication style which sent the primary six class laughing because they fell victim. Lorna gave them some scenarios and asked them what style they would apply. For example when one has been kidnapped, is being touched sexually they mentioned Attack style which was true because one cannot just keep quiet and do nothing about it. Under Avoid, they looked at where people are fighting and where the right thing to do is to withdraw and not join them , where someone is raising there voice to start a quarrel , the best way to avoid is to sometimes keep quiet. Therefore where they can apply these styles in different scenarios is very important. After that they looked at communication behaviors;Aggressive,Passive and Assertive. They were able to define Aggressive and Passive whose definitions are like that of Attack for Aggressive and Avoid for Passive. They were able to also look at the characteristics of both Aggressive and Passive styles like; Passive - apologizing a lot even where unnecessary, remaining silent when something bothers you, being shy, giving in to what others want, not speaking out , avoiding eye contact. Lorna mentioned that this is the worst style and encouraged the pupils to as much as possible avoid this style. Aggressive examples were ; overpowering others, dominating others, not listening, looking down on others, fighting, putting yourself first at the expense of others. Lorna also mentioned this behavior as not being the best behavior as it looks at suppressing other people. Lastly Lorna mentioned to be able to balance the two, one needs to be Assertive. Assertive is the best communication behavior style. How does an Assertive person behave; they listen and talk, they are confident, use eye contact, use body language, telling someone exactly what they want to say without being rude among others. Conclusion Because of time , they did not finish but Lorna plans to finish in the next lesson. Lorna appreciated the teachers for their hard work and time and love for teaching Life skills. 

Next Visit: 2019-07-15 - Purpose: Finish up with Communication Skills and introduce Menstrual hygiene and Management.

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7787 Eric and Allan demonstrated the Avoiding communication style to the rest of the pupils.
7790 Teacher Peninah and Teacher Steven both got to also talk to the class about what they understood about the communication styles of Attack and Avoid.