Life Skills Education and Counseling - Kigalama - Kigalama Primary School - Namutumba

Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-07-17

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Dangers of early pregnancy 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
To awaken the parents on their responsibilities to their girl children
Introduction Lorna went to Kigalama community to teach and sensitize about the dangers of early pregnancy. Overview The chairman made a number of introductory remarks and thanked the community members for attending the meeting.The chairman thanked Lorna through Kibo for the work they are doing in Kigalama community and the different skills and knowledge given to them and then requested her to address the community members. Lorna thanked all the members present for sacrificing their time and resources to attend the community meeting and encouraged them to carry on with that spirit. Lorna then did a preview of the previous lesson which was causes of early pregnancy after which she introduced the topic of the day which was the dangers of early pregnancy. -Lorna talked about lack of prenatal care among girls who are pregnant-especially if they don’t have support from their parents which puts them at risk of not getting adequate prenatal care. -Low-birth-weight of the baby is another danger of early pregnancy.She said premature babies are more likely to weigh less than they should because they had less time to grow in the womb. -Lorna talked about STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) as another danger of early pregnancy.she said teenagers who engage in early sex were at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS,gonorrhea,syphilis among others. -Lorna talked about depression that comes after delivering the baby.She stated that girls normally feel down and sad either while pregnant or after birth ,others mentioned were Anaemia, poverty, imprisonment of the boy hence turning the girls into young mothers.Stigma from friends,community, may face parental neglect, death of baby or mother during birth. Conclusion Lorna concluded by encouraging the parents to always be open and free with their daughters and sons in order to avoid some of the dangers discussed about in the meeting. Lorna also advised parents to keep their children in school and always monitor their company in order to prevent early pregnancies. The chairman closed the meeting by saying a word of prayer. 

Next Visit: 2019-07-24 - Purpose: Teach about Delaying Sex and introduce Relationship Skills