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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2019-07-17

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Menstrual Hygiene 
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Ongyera Manuella 
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Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
To educate girls about Menstrual Hygiene and Management also to stop the stigma about Menstruation .
Introduction Manuela had a very good day with the pupils, Manuela went to that school give pupils post test, and also to teach pupils about the values of Menstruation Hygiene and Management. The reason for teaching this lesson was to educate both boys and girls that Menstruation is natal and every woman experience it , it is not something to laugh at. Overview, It was 18:11am , Manuela reached the school and found the pupils waiting for her in their life skills class, she greeted them and asked them if they where ready for the test, pupils responded that they were more than ready, Manuela requested the pupils to keep away their books, after that, she gave the pupils post test, during that time when pupils were writing their test, Manuela was moving around and monitoring the pupils as they write, this exercise lasted for 25minutes and after that Manuela collected the papers and immediately she introduced another lesson which was about Menstrual Hygiene and Management. While teaching this lesson, Manuela started by introducing what Menstruation Hygiene is, she told the pupils that this is a natural cycle where every woman experience and she told the boys to stop lounging at the girls if they have realized that they are in their monthly periods. Manuela also told the girls to take Mensuration as a normal thing because they are not only one experiencing it , she also told the girls that is is not a disease as they think. After that lesson Manuela requested the boys to move with one of the male teachers to teach the boys the fact about Menstruation so they can understand it well. Hygiene, Manuela took some good time explaining about the importance of Hygiene during monthly periods, Manuela told the girls that they are suppose to bath three times a day and wash the materials very well with clean water and soap and they should try and spread the sanitary under sunshine so that to kill the remaining germs. She went on and told them that if they fails to practice hygiene then they will stink which is bad. Management, Manuela taught the girls how they can manage the crumbs , back pain , headache and stomach pain during that time , Manuela told girls that it they have one of those they should sock their legs in worm water or use bottle around their binomial and lying on their backs so that to prevent such instance which can avoid them from attending classes. . Finally, Manuela encouraged the pupils not to be scared about menstruation, and they should attend school during that time. 

Next Visit: 2019-07-24 - Purpose: To introduce HIV/AIDS and also to do corrections.

Report Photos

7961 Pupils writing post test, they were doing communication quizzes.
7964 After post test, Manuela was talking to the girls about Menstrual Hygiene and Management, during this session, Manuela encouraged the pupils to abstain from sex.
7967 As Manuela talked to girls, mr Michael was educating the boy about Menstrual Hygiene and Management, this was done so the boys can stop mocking the girls when they are in their monthly periods.
7970 Manuela is demonstrating to the girls how they can be folding the materials that they use during their monthly periods. During this lesson Manuela encouraged the girls to maintain hygiene.