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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-08-09

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Disease Progression and Positive Behaviour,HIV/STDs and Mothers 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
- BY the end of the lesson the pupils are able to know the different phases by which HIV progresses. - Be able to understand why women are at a higher risk of getting HIV than men.
Introduction Lorna was back in Bukhana Primary School to continue with the topic HIV/AIDS Awareness Skills. Overview Lorna went back to this school to pick up from where she stopped on the previous lesson. When Lorna reached the pupils were still in their break time but after a few minutes the bell was sounded and they ran to class. In class she was received and welcomed by the pupils along with the deputy H/M and the Life Skills teacher. Lorna wasted no time as she started by reviewing the notes from the previous lesson as she did not explain them. Lorna walked them through the notes explaining everything so as for the pupils to understand. Lorna on the fluids that HIV is transmitted through emphasized that Urine is not among and therefore they shouldn’t be like if an HIV person used the latrines or bathrooms they will catch it as this is not true. She also mentioned sweat, also on the activities that don’t transmit she mentioned sharing utensils like cups, plates, basins , buckets among others. She also emphasized on being next to a person with HIV does not make one catch HIV/AIDS nor does handshaking. Lorna did all this while demonstrating together with the pupils because there is a lot of misconceptions about how HIV is transmitted and the community and a lot of hearsay and so it is very important that the pupils understood the ways by which HIV is transmitted and not. Lorna took much time exposing transmission and prevention. After explaining they continued with Women and HIV/AIDS where Lorna explained the different reasons why women are at more risk of contracting AIDS than the men. The reasons are divided into two Biological and cultural factors. Under biological they looked at ; women having a larger mucous membrane/ portal of entry than men, women receiving more fluids during sex than the men, female genital mutilation also makes girls vulnerable, young girls who have not engaged in sex yet also stand a risk when their is friction that causes tear hence bleeding. The cultural factors were; Taboos talking about sex where Lorna explained that when sex is mentioned in any conversation, the girls/ women tend to shy away which leads them to missing information or they simply don’t want to talk about it. Another factor was women having no say in sexual matters at home which is very common especially in Busoga. She has no say about how many children she wants , use of condom, among others hence putting her at risk. Women being taken as property where Lorna explained bride price, poverty sex in exchange for money. They also looked at Disease Progression and positive behavior where Lorna explained the different stages of brought which HIV progresses. They looked at the window stage which is the first stage, the incubation and finally honeymoon stage. Lorna mentioned at the incubation stage if one does not take care of themselves well instead of going to honeymoon stage, they will go to AIDS. They also looked at the Co-factors that make Persons living with HIV/AIDS get sick faster like; stressing a lot, doing a lot of work without rest, reinfecting themselves, not eating a balanced diet among others. They will start from here next semester/ term. Conclusion Since this was the last day Lorna was going to be in this school for this term as they are staring their examinations next week. Lorna advised them to practice all that has been taught to them. She encouraged them to be disciplined, avoid lonely places, listen to their parents and most importantly abstain from Sex because it saves them a lot. She wished them success in their examinations and a great school break. 

Next Visit: 2019-09-09 - Purpose: Summaries with HIV topic and prepare the pupils for a post test.