Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Bupaluka - Namutumba

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2019-08-16

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David Balimunsi
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2019-08-20 09:33:36 UTC
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David Balimunsi
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2019-08-20 11:46:47 UTC
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09:01-18:29 (9 h 28 m)
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11:32-15:32 (4 h 0 m)
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5 h 28 m

Well Repair

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Bupaluka - DWD:6253 
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Repair Date
2019-08-16 00:00:00 UTC 
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Pump Mechanic
Committee Present
Repair Cost
Village Contribution
Work Done
Borehole repair 
Parts Replaced
Rubber buckets,Centralizers 
Concerns Future Failure
Water Committee
Soak Pit
Compound Condition
Jerrycan Condition
Ws Notes
David and Steven along with Dug and Josh were in the village to carry out the repair of the borehole. They did so after the water user committee members had reported to the Kibo of their borehole that it had reduced on its normal flow of the water. Therefore the Kibo staff along with Josh and Dug went and carried out the repair process. They were welcomed by the quite a good number of the community members. They had gathered waiting for them at the borehole. The Kibo staff started after having greeted the members they started the opening process of the borehole . They removed all the internal parts up to the cylinder.However this is what was discovered. The rubber sleeves were getting worn out,the surface inside the cylinder had started get worn out.Also the rods which didn’t have the centralizer due to too much friction caused by over pumping had caused the wearing out of the rod sockets .On that note David and Steven replaced new rubber sleeves with new ones. They also continued and fixed the rod centralizers with new ones and the rubbing off stop.After that repair process they replaced back all-the pipes and tested for the working condition of the borehole. To the Kibo and the entire village it was all total joy and great success seeing that the borehole was back to it’s normal working condition and even the flow of the water had increased . Later after that great joy the Kibo staff’ Dug and Josh went for the borehole meeting for some while. They first carried out the self introductions between the visitors and water users committee members. They made a few remarks on the following. The members were reminded of continuing contributing more money towards their borehole future sustainability. They were advised to always having borehole general meeting which will be aimed at assessing their progress. The visitors Dug and Josh reminded the village to always continuing working together. The treasurer of the borehole mr wabwose told the meeting that they had 160000 shillings as their borehole account. They were also reminded of adding on the money that had since the next part from their borehole which had signs of soon having issues was the borehole cylinder because it had started getting worn out inside In general according to the hygiene and sanitation status of the village according to the few homes and the clean jerrycans at the borehole was good. 
Repair Notes
The water user committee members were active and present 
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2019-09-30 - Purpose: To replace the worn out cylinder
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Report Photos

8384 The Kibo staff during the corse of the village borehole meeting
8387 The Kibo staff during the repair process
8390 The Kibo staff during the opening process of the borehole