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Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2019-08-16

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2019-08-20 10:06:15 UTC
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Anger: Introduction 
Ida went to introduce the anger management lesson. Every one knew what anger is but couldn’t explain it. Otim said that anger is a bad feeling that can make someone cause harm. What causes anger?Ida asked, Shaban said that “women “ and Nuruat said “men are the source of anger “ Otim said that it’s a demon that doesn’t discriminate, sometimes one can get angry for no reason mostly pregnant women. Ida taught the community how Gynes can cause anger. We are all different according to our gynes. Some are short tempered, long tempered, short, tall, skinny etc. We sometimes get behaviors from our parents because of the gynes. If one of them is short tempered it’s possible for you to be a short tempered person too. That’s why we must respect everyone the way they are and learn them in order to live in harmony. Koowa said his son made him angry when he refused to take the goats for grazing. He beat him up and broke his arm which caused him to spend a lot of money and time wasted. “So Kibo thank you for bringing that lesson because all of us get angry but don’t know how to control our anger.” Next time will look at dangers that can be caused by anger. 
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2019-08-28 - Purpose: Teach about dangers of anger.
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