Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Bukhudumira - Namutumba

Visit by Suzan Winnie on 2019-08-21

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Suzan Winnie
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2019-08-21 13:11:37 UTC
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Suzan Winnie
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2019-08-23 15:04:51 UTC
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10:09-16:52 (6 h 43 m)
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12:13-14:52 (2 h 39 m)
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4 h 4 m

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assignment check,waiting 
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Suzan Keddi 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Suzan went to the village with the purpose of monitoring the stove usage and the maintenance of other facilities such as the dish racks,smearing of the kitchens, bathrooms, latrines and stoves. When she arrived there, she came across one of the committee members coming from his garden with his wife. They warmly welcomed her to the village and walked together until they reached the other members who were already waiting for them at the chairperson’s place. Suzan first discussed about a few issues concerning the program activities whereby 32 group members had got stoves and went ahead building for more 13 members within their community which was so impressive. Later on, they stood up and then began moving around the homes checking on different facilities such as the shower areas,pit latrines, the stoves, rubbish pits, kitchens and the dish racks. As they moved around, Suzan first observed that most members had well maintained all their facilities and were using their new stoves for cooking. Some of the challenges the members faced were of the stoves cracking hence not knowing how to repair them and the termites eating up their dish racks. Suzan demonstrated from one of the members stove how it was supposed to be repaired and then requested the members who had well maintained their stoves to find time and teach the other members how to refill the cracks and then smear them at least after every two weeks. Suzan thanked all the members for the good work and requested them to go on and repair their broken facilities as well as smearing their buildings for a better healthy living. The members thanked Suzan for the lessons and advice wishing her a safe journey back home. 
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8435 Kibo staff posing with one of the community members and her children next to her kitchen.
8438 A member standing next to her well maintained stove.