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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-08-21

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Dangers of Abortion 
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Learning Objectives
To understand why people carry out abortions especially the young children ; the causes, dangers and possible solutions.
Introduction Lorna went to teach on Abortion ; reasons for abortion and dangers associated with. Abortion is an illegal practice in Uganda but is only carried out when the mothers life is in danger or where there are other complications. Overview As Lorna waited for the community members to gather, the clouds started to gather which forced Lorna and those who had gathered to go to the church.(Recently built Church of Christ). It rained heavily which disrupted the time the meeting was supposed to start and also the members could hardly hear themselves across the room. After about an hour or so the rain stopped and Lorna started the lesson. The meeting was chaired by the vice chairman an opening prayer said and Lorna begun to teach. Lorna greeted the community members and started with the preview of the previous lesson which was dangers on early marriages.They reminded themselves about these dangers like ; HIV/AIDS and other STDs, Domestic violence, difficulty associating with the rest of the women in the community, Sexual violence , cheap labor as they are looked at as unqualified and incompetent especially for the girl child. These were some of the dangers mentioned among others. After the review Lorna then went to the next topic. Lorna introduced the topic of the day Abortion. She asked whether this was a problem in the community and if they think it’s important to talk about. They mentioned just recently they found a feotus in the bush and another lady said for her she thought it was a dog. Lorna also asked what some of the things they use in carrying out these abortions and the men told Lorna to ask the women. When Lorna asked the women, they were a bit hesitant but the men mentioned some. Lorna then asked what could be the reason why people carry out abortion and these were some of the reasons given; Fear whereby the girl child is afraid of what her parents are going to do to her, another reason was fear of dropping out of school if they realized that a girl is pregnant, fear of being forced to get married, fear of responsibility, peer pressure from friends, shame and stigma from both friends, society and parents, lack of parental support, spousal or boyfriend support, rape and incest were among the reasons why teenage girls would abort. Lorna asked whether sometimes parents play a role in this decision of their girl child to abort. Most of the men said the women are the ones to blame when asked why, they said they are the most people who spend time with the children. Another man said the women turn their children against them so even though they wanted to advise or counsel their children, they don’t take them serious because of what their mother has already put in them. He continued and said they even go ahead and help them abort by telling their children” don’t tell your father” I know someone who can help and when Lorna asked whether it is true the women were the ones spoiling the children, most of the women agreed to this. A child protection official from the sub county called on the parents to talk to their children at an early age , tell them the consequences of engaging in early sex before it is too late. Lorna added that parents need to complement each other in bringing up their children where one fails the other reinforces. Some of the dangers looked at were ; death, hemorrhage, complications from anaethesia like respiratory problems, headaches, lesser chances of getting pregnant again in future,emotional stress on whether they made the right decision or not , incomplete abortion risks where some other products of pregnancy may not drain , blood clots in the uterus among others. Conclusion Lorna fin fished by reechoing the parents role in bringing up their children not only by Providing basic needs, school requirements, spiritual upbringing but also not forgetting the sexual reproductive health. She asked if the parents find out that the children are pregnant not to abandon them because this is the time they need them the most. Also not to force them into marriage which they are not prepared or were not prepared for only to face more challenges there. That they also need to counsel their children. 

Next Visit: 2019-08-30 - Purpose: Introduce Relationship Skills and they will be looking at the importance of working well together. They have some underlying things or issues that are disrupting them from developing themselves that need to be addressed for them to move forward. They will be looking at those issues and how to move on from them for the betterment of their community. They will also look at good relationships in the home/Family.

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8456 Mukyala Swaibu emphasizing on the role women are playing in helping their children carry out abortion.