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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-08-26

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Early Pregnancy,Dangers of Abortion,Causes of early pregnancy,Dangers of early marriage 
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Learning Objectives
To know the underlying causes and dangers of early pregnancy and early marriages. To understand why young girls carry out abortion and the dangers associated with it.
Introduction Lorna went to continue with the topic causes , dangers of early pregnancy as previously, they did not enter much into detail of the topic at hand. Overview Lorna went back here to continue with the topic Decision making. She started by greeting the community and immediately started the lesson. She asked the community members what they talked about previously and they mentioned the causes of early pregnancy. They reminded themselves of what these causes were; Poverty, Reluctancy on the part of the parents to talk to the children, unnecessary uncontrolled movement of the children , parents who overwork their children who end up getting tired and feel like they can start their own home, abusive parents who are ever quarreling in the eyes of their children as well as abusing their children where they end up getting tired and looking for peace else where, poor performance at School hence leading to parents loosing hope in their child making them sit at home but in sitting home they are growing and getting advances and therefore if not advised and guided , they may end up pregnant. They also looked at dangers like ; early marriages, School dropout, stigma from community,fear of association, shame and regrets, premature birth since they are not getting help from the hospital since even at the hospital they will be under-looked and abused for engaging in sex when young, low birth weight babies because of not eating well, possible death during birth. They also looked at Early Marriages as a followup lesson from early pregnancy. When a teenage girl gets pregnant there are usually 3 choices; get married, drop out of school stay a single mother because most times the men responsible deny their responsibility. Lorna asked whether this was true and they said yes. She therefore said they will however look at Early marriages. She asked what some of the causes and dangers of early marriages were . Some of the causes looked at were ; Early pregnancy where some parents being disappointed in their children feel like they are very disappointed and arrange marriages for their daughter with the person responsible, School dropout, poverty less person to feed or cloth are some reasons given, peer pressure, protection of family honor, strategic purposes by the parents of the girl child like for wealth reasons, Ignorance on both the parents and the child among others. The dangers mentioned were ; Subject to domestic violence , society stigma, sexual violence, prone to HIV/AIDS and other Sexually transmitted diseases, subject to poverty, Dependence on the man for basic needs among others. Lorna asked then what should we do because we cannot simply ignore these issues because unless we address them then they will keep happening. Lorna urged the parents to talk to their children and she asked the community how many even talk to their children about their menstruation and barely did anyone put up their hand. She asked what age do girl children start their menstruation these days, some said 10,12 and others 13 and if delayed 14. Lorna said when a girl starts her Menstruation, she is old enough to get pregnant. Lorna also talked about the ages between 13-17 where this is an experimental age where the children want to try out things like sex, alcohol, drugs and if not counseled, guided and assuming that everything is right with our children then we will be in for a surprise. Lorna urged the parents to not be over defensive when someone tells them their child was seen engaging in some acts but instead of quarreling and defending their child which instead is spoiling the child , they should listen and find ways of dealing with their children. Lorna urged the parents to also seek advice or counsel from different stake holders like pastors, Local chairman or from other parents whose children have turned out well and ask them how they did it. Lorna said we have to let go of our pride and also know that it is okay to ask for help from lease where. Conclusion The chairman really appreciated Lorna for this lesson and one lady even asked that they repeat it when more men are around since this is a very important lesson. Lorna asked them to go home and tell their husbands what they learnt so that they are on the same page.Lorna urged the chairman and the community members that came to tell their husbands to come and asked the chairman to followup with the men. They will look at Abortion in the next lesson and thereafter Lorna will introduce Communication Skills 

Next Visit: 2019-09-02 - Purpose: Introduce communication skills

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8486 Caitlyn was talking on the dangers of early marriages.
8489 The women counselor giving a review of the lesson taught on the causes of early marriage.