Mvule Community Development - Ikumbya - Luuka

Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2019-09-02

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2019-09-03 09:16:27 UTC
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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Topic: Poultry rearing. Background: The community members of Ikumbya agreed to rear chickens as a group,they believed this would enhance their income levels and lead to economic flourishing. As Kibo , we were mandated to visit them and see how they chickens were doing and also to encourage them. Overview: Since the trip to Ikumbya is long and bumpy, Abraham and chris left Jinja early enough. Indeed we found most of the members already waiting for us under the mango tree shade. We first toured around the community poultry project before we sat for the meeting. The chairperson welcomed us well and was so excited because after receiving the chickens from Kibo, he thought Kibo would stop visiting them so he was happy that indeed Kibo and particularly Mvule program is still with them. The chairperson briefed us about the project they decided to do as a group and said the chickens are now five months a period they expect chickens to start laying eggs but he said unfortunately some chicken died due to bad weather that came along with other diseases. Through the chairperson,the group requested for more chicks in order to expand their project, he said as a group, they are hoping this will increase their yields. Many of the members who took the chickens to their homes said they have started laying eggs and that they are hoping they will get a goat out of them. Abraham encouraged them not to give up but to stay focused by working together. He emphasized the spirit of team work said by divided they would fall, United they will stand. Abraham advices the group chairperson to complete vaccinating the chickens then they will introduce them to the layers feeds. Since the husks in the chickens house had started going bad Abraham advices them to remove them and put new ones and also spray disinfectant in the house before putting in chickens. Abraham encouraged them that loosing some of the chickens is not the end of the road but should instead pick a lesson out of it since we learn from mistakes. He encouraged them to work together as a community since it’s Kibo’s primary goal. Abraham concluded by requesting the chairperson to treat the chickens and complete the dose, he promised that they would get the chicken feeds and the vaccination book guide next time we visit . 
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2019-09-09 - Purpose: We are visiting to see the progress of their poultry project.
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8570 Abraham (4th from right) with some of the community members of Ikumbya village.