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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-09-02

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Dangers of Abortion 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson every community member is aware that Abortion is bad and the consequences thereafter.
Introduction Abortion is illegal in Uganda and is only carried out when the mothers life is in danger or Incase of any life threatening situations.Parents therefore need to know that they have a great role in preventing these situations and how and why they should not do it. Overview Lorna started by doing a review of the previous lesson on Causes and dangers of early marriages. They quickly went through this lesson so that even those who did not attend then knew what was going on and learnt. Lorna also requested the participation of those that did not attend and they also gave their views. After this Lorna went to the topic of the day Causes and dangers of Abortion. Lorna started by asking the community whether abortion is legal in Uganda and they said no and then Lorna added but do people still carry them out? They said yes. Lorna then asked that what some of the things being used were. Most of them said they don’t know this was true although some were just shy to mention. They mentioned some like going to a doctor and he removes the baby, another lady mentioned that some use a wire to kill the baby in the uterus, Mukyala Yafesi mentioned strong tea leaves and some woman was wondering whether this was true and Lorna agreed with the woman that it was true. Lorna mentioned other things that are being used to abort like ; Detergent, sticks, hanger wires, smoking cow dung, gasoline , tying the stomach. Lorna mentioned these not so that the community uses them and strongly warned against these but just so they are aware of what is being used to carry out abortions and the dangers they bring. They then looked at the causes of Abortion like; fear of parents reaction, fear of school dropout, fear of becoming a teenage mother and the responsibilities that come with being one, lack of knowledge or information on where to get help, spousal neglect , shame, strong religious background among others. The dangers too were mentioned like; Death, hemorrhage which is lots of bleeding, low self esteem, low chances of getting pregnant in the future, blood clots in the Uterus, self hate, guilt, remorse, hatred for men , hatred for self among others. One woman asked Lorna what she would do if her daughter got pregnant while young. Lorna said the first normal reaction of any parent would be disappointed , would get pressure, sick and some of them will not talk to their children for a while. However after these emotions, Lorna told them they will need support. Lorna asked all the women to think of the first time they got pregnant and how challenging it was and imaging this young girl child. Lorna said these not so to encourage early pregnancies but when it happens they should counsel these children but also give them another chance to go to school. Someone asked what if they don’t want to go back to school, Lorna said there are very many other options to look into and Lorna encouraged parents to look at their children’s talents and build on those Incase of such instances. Joshua encouraged the mothers to always talk to their children however, Lorna encouraged both parents to play their role in upbringing of their children. After this topic Lorna introduced communication skills where, they looked at what good communication is in a home. They said it is when everyone listens to the other and Lorna agreed and said that good communication entails one talking while one is listening and vice versa. They looked at the general importance of communication like; for purposes of reconciliation, communicating our needs, friendships, resolve conflicts , building strong family bonds, healthy relationships among others. Lorna will start from here in the next lesson. Conclusion The chairman and one lady expressed concern for the youth in this village and how they have started smoking drugs , grass, grey hair and that they are becoming a nuisance and asked if there was any way to help them. Lorna said they will think about it. 

Next Visit: 2019-09-09 - Purpose: Continue with communication skills ; how to talk or communicate with our children better.

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8573 Teaching on dangers of Abortion.