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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-09-04

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Dangers of Abortion 
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Learning Objectives
- For the community members to know that Abortion is illegal and that it is a killer. - By the end of the lesson for the community members to know the dangers of Abortion and that when caught it is punishable by the law.
Introduction Lorna went to Kigalama A to teach on Abortion. There 775000 cases of unwanted pregnancies in Uganda every year and 50% of these pregnancies are teenagers. Also about 300,000 abortions are being carried out every year in Uganda. Abortion is being practiced a lot at the grass roots and the sad part is they are using crude methods. The importance therefore of teaching this topic is to strongly discourage Abortion because it is a killer and it is an illegal practice in Uganda and is punishable by law and also religiously it is condemned Overview Lorna went along with Chris to teach on Abortion. They sat for some time before the chairman informed Lorna that community members are preparing to go for burial and therefore the turnup may not be as it is always. Lorna started by asking the community members to remind her what lesson it was. They were able to remember and Lorna added on the review and thereafter introduced the topic of the day. Lorna told the community that they were going to talk about a sensitive topic and this is because it is an ongoing practice but sadly is practiced in the “dark” and costing people especially young girls their lives and their future. She told them they were going to talk about Abortion. She asked the community whether Abortion is being carried out and what are some of those methods that are being used. The members strongly mentioned that it is being carried out and they cited different examples of different community members that have been involved in carrying out these abortions.Bageya an old man mentioned cassava sticks, traditional herbs, injections, pills were some of those mentioned among others. Lorna mentioned a few others but strongly warned them that they are learning about this but that does not mean that they should use them but just to be aware what their children are using and when they notice some of these things,they can talk against them and let them know they are aware of all the things they use. Sometimes children use these things on their own and are rushed to hospital in a bad state only for the parents to be told that their child was trying to carry out an abortion unfortunately sometimes it’s already too late. Lorna also took them through the reasons why abortions are carried outa d among them were; fear of school dropout, fear of tough parents ;that they will kill them, neglect them, fear of marriage, peer pressure from peers as well as parents, shame; fear of gossip , pity from peers, inability to take care of the child, spousal neglect among others. After taking the community through the causes , Lorna asked Chris to also talk to the community on the risks and dangers involved in carrying out an abortion. He mentioned the dangers like Death, hemorrhage, suicidal feelings, low self esteem, guilt, bacterial infections , loss of trust in relationships for both boys and girls, cervical cancer among others. The chairman told a story of a certain scenario where he was called to mediate in a family where the girl was pregnant but the parents of the child wanted to carry out an abortion. The chairman strongly refused and told them to let the girl have the baby but they went ahead and carried out the abortion which was not once but twice. The second time however the girl could not walk. The example the chairman gave was of a woman who was also in the meeting and by now was feeling very uncomfortable. Another person asked what if the pregnancy was out of incest?. and gave an example of a father who slept with her daughter. Lorna said unfortunately this is very sad and advised the fathers around to desist from such evil because it is a curse and very wrong before God and man. Lorna however said even in such a case one should not carry out an abortion, also this person needs to see a counselor because this can be tough. Conclusion Lorna and Chris finished by mentioning that whoever carries out the abortion is liable to 14 years in prison and that one who accepts to undertake the abortion is liable to 7 years , the person who is involved in the process and aids the process gets 3 years In prison.Chris advised the community members to report such cases to the chairman or police. 

Next Visit: 2019-09-18 - Purpose: Continue with Abortion topic

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