Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Naibowa - Kamuli

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2018-01-22

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David Balimunsi
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2018-01-22 04:38:02 UTC
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Ben West
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2018-02-09 15:45:42 UTC
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09:39-17:37 (7 h 58 m)
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12:06-15:02 (2 h 56 m)
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5 h 2 m

Current State

Participation Rating
There is some good progress of some new pits,dish racks and some smeared houses 
Village Critical Needs
Village Action Steps
The committee members will be working on the construction of the borehole fence as they keep mobilising all the village members on the coming village sanitation improvement meeting 
Staff Action Steps
To encourage the community of naibowa on lmproving their sanitation standards and the construction of a good standard borehole fence 
CLTS Progress
Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
Other Class Notes
Community Ownership
Ownership Story
Some new pits,dish racks and new smeared houses were seen in place 
Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
The community members move a distance of about 4 kilometers to the nearest borehole which they said has got the good water for use in their respective homes and the other one Kibo repaired they said it was some how salty but has got too much water 
Prevent Ownership
The committee members are just lazy 
Allow Ownership
Village Notes
Because of the unity brought by Kibo to this village the community members formed up a mvule saving group of about 25 members which can help them on their home development. 

Water Users Committee Check-In

Ws Name
Current Fund Balance
Follow up
Water Committee
Soak Pit
Compound Condition
Jerrycan Condition
Men On Committee
Women On Committee
Total Members
Committee Accomplishments
Committee Challenges
The community members are not cooperative to the members they elected as their borehole and sanitation leaders 
Other Committee Notes
They hope to have a village sanitation committee in two days from now in order to improve on their sanitation standards. 
Ws Notes
David and Steven went to naibowa village their intention of going there was to asses the sanitation standards of the entire village and also noting the distance moved by the residents from their homes to where they get water for their home use. They were able to move the entire village home to home but as they were moving, they noted that there was some little sanitation improvement in some of the homes .For example they were able to see facilities like new pits,new dish racks,and some new smeared houses and kitchens. The Kibo staff kept on encouraging the residents of the area they came across to work hard and Improve on their sanitation standards according to how they were left by the time Kibo repaired their borehole. The committee members together with David and Steven moved to the the borehole Kibo repaired about eight month back but the status of the borehole and the soak pit were not good because even the fence was torn apart and the soak pit was bushy. They Said they had-reserved the water Kibo repaired for the members who had animals because that water is salty which is good and rich in calcium especially for grazing animals. They then proceeded to the other borehole said to be having good water and they moved a distance of about 4 kilometers before reaching that other borehole also the status of the other borehole where they were getting water wasn’t also good. They continued encouraging the people they found at that borehole to take full ownership and responsibility of that borehole and continuing to contribute for both boreholes. They continued encouraging the people during their way back from the borehole to maintain their good hygiene and sanitation. Kibo members also visited one member who was too stubborn mr tigawalana david,s home assessing if there was any sanitation improvement. They were able to get him and talked to him about improving on his toilet depth because he was using a five feet pit about to get filled up. mr tigawalana agreed to dig a latrine in one week without fail.lastly in the meeting place,they all agreed that there was a set back in their sanitation standards and decided to have a-general sanitation village improvement and borehole contribution meeting scheduled Saturday to find possible solutions to their hygiene and sanitation improvement. 

Report Photos

1048 Some of the pit latrines in naibowa under progress
1050 Some of the smeared houses in naibowa
1051 Pit latrine digging under progress
1054 Smeared houses in naibowa
1056 Some of the dish racks In naibowa village
1059 Some of the bad toilets in naibowa
1061 The borehole the one Kibo repaired in naibowa but the committee members had ignored it apart from the community members who uses the salty water For feeding their animals it was a-government bore it was drilled by government in 19/08/1993 it’s add no. 6579
1063 The second borehole from the one Kibo repaired to the one the community can access clean water from is about 4 kilometers back to their homes
1065 Tigawalana daudi next to Stephen is the most stubborn member in the community of naibowa who used to hide during when the Kibo staff were encouraging but this time they were able and blessed getting him the only hour when he was present around his home as they were moving home to home assessing the hygiene standards of the community of naibowa after a period of now about six month since Kibo stopped working in this community.
1067 Some of the smeared new houses in naibowa