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Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2019-09-09

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Health lesson 9: Disease Recognition 
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Irene and Ida went to Sinde village to continue with the signs, symptoms and prevention of malaria. Ida started with a review of the previous lesson where she asked the members the different questions about the previous lesson. Later invited Irene to continue with the lesson. Irene asked the community members some of the signs that are commonly related to malaria, ouma said high fevers, and headaches,vomiting, abortion in pregnant women and others then another member stood up to give the other different signs and so on as the discussion went on. Then after the active participation on the different signs and symptoms Irene clarified and made additions of other signs and symptoms. Irene then asked the members if they had any questions on the different signs discussed before talking about the prevention. Matilda asked why pregnant women keep getting malaria irrespective of the treatment given? Irene answered the question giving details of how the malaria parasites hide in the placenta and cause re- infection even after treatment. Irene then discussed the different preventive measures where the community members also encouraged each other to make use of the mosquito nets provided by the Government instead of keeping them, going for proper malaria treatment, pregnant women going for treatment and more as the community actively participated. 
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Health and Spiritual Empowerment 
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Members have tried to go for the free drugs from the health unit but they have a complaint about the lack of drugs in the hospitals and some drugs brought in the outreach are not given to them claiming they only give children under five especially the deworming tablets. 
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2019-09-23 - Purpose: To teach about the different skin infections
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8705 Some of the members of sinde village listening to the health lesson
8708 The village health trainee of sinde clarifying and thanking Kibo for the good work they are doing in their village.