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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-09-13

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
- To understand the different gender roles of both men and women in a home and that some of those roles can be shared. - Also to know the different challenges the women go through in their homes and how to address them.
Introduction Lorna went to this village to introduce a Relationship Skills as a new topic. Under this topic we will be looking at the challenges both men and women go through in their families and also the children and youth what is affecting them and how we can find solutions together. Overview Lorna has informed the mobilizer that their meeting would start at 1pm but when she arrived there was no one and so she waited for sometime before some women joined her. The women told her that they had not been informed of her coming and therefore other people were going about their normal business. Lorna was disappointed that the mobilizer did not do a good job but this did not stop the program from going on. Therefore after a few more women had come, Lorna decided to open the topic of the day. Lorna asked the women present what their roles are in their respective homes. Rose for one said her role was to cook food, sweep the yard and make sure the home was clean. Lovisa said to dig, while others said to fetch water, firewood, bathe the children , bear children among others. Lorna added marital duties like sex with their partners, teach manners , instill discipline and morals in their children among others. Even though the men were not present, she asked them what the roles of men were,they mentioned provide for the family, protect, guide, defend, instill morals, house constructions among others. Lorna then mentioned are both parties doing their roles as expected?. This brought Lorna to their next discussion what challenges are women facing in their homes?. They mentioned that men are not performing their duties as expected. They said that they are spending money drinking and when they ask for something, they say they don’t have money. They also mentioned that when they dig together for example rice, the men will sell all the rice and leave them with nothing which is not fair. They also mentioned that the men are no longer paying school fees for their children. Lorna asked the women why the men are behaving like this ,she added that maybe they are not respecting them as they should. Lorna said women these days are putting on pants taking the roles of their male counterparts. She added men are like babies and they thrive when respected. The women said that they are respecting them but still they won’t do their part. Lorna said some women won’t even greet their husbands,thank them for providing meals for the family, praising them but all the time will have complaints. Lorna asked whether this was not the case and they agreed its true. Lorna also mentioned communication as the number one problem and continued and said any problem in a family is a communication problem. Lorna advised that they talk about every thing and everything but also look for the appropriate time. Bed time is not the time to begin complaining, early in the morning is not the best either but they know the best times when their husbands are in a good mood and this is when they should bring up anything. A problem is not solved by blaming anyone because the other party will bring will definitely build up a defense because they feel they are attacked but rather, start with appreciating everything they are doing for them and then making their requests known and they will testify of the results. Conclusion Although it did not go as Lorna expected because Lorna hoped to meet both the men and women , it still worked out since Lorna was able to meet the women which made it easier for her to discuss the topic which was at hand. Lorna will plan another meeting with the women then plan on meeting with the men. 
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2019-09-27 - Purpose: Continue with Relationship Skills
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