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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-09-16

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Effective Communication and Listening 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, parents will have learnt the importance of communicating with their children.
Introduction Lorna went to Kigalama c to finish up with the lesson on importance of communicating in our children’s life. Overview Previously Lorna had started on this lesson but did not finish because it started raining heavily and so the lesson was cut in half. However before the start of the lesson , Lorna was informed by the chairman that one of the community members died in the village and they were going to the burial at 2pm. Lorna asked to finish this lesson then they can go to the funeral. After waiting a few minutes she was joined by the community members and she started the lesson. Lorna asked for a review from the community members where they review the importance of communication and then one person reminded the community members of what they learnt before it started raining. Lorna thanked them for their responses and told them she was not going to take their time since they had a funeral to go to. Lorna continued on the importance of talking to our children where she mentioned by communicating to our children , parents are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. For example if it comes to their school work a parent is able to know which subject their child is weak in and how they can help them. A parent is able to know what the child is struggling with at School , in the community,at home , if they are struggling with their sexuality as a teenager, talking to them about Abortion ,early pregnancy and dangers before it’s too late and they can do nothing about it. Women were complaining that their children don’t listen to them any more but Lorna mentioned that the approach matters in a way that the way one talks to a 8 year old is not how to talk to a teenager as the former it will be easy to grasp but the latter it will be hard since maybe they have already engaged in such practices. For a teenager you cannot just force them to take in what they are saying but you need to be informed about whatever a teenager wants and then use that to drive the point home. Conclusion Lorna encouraged parents not to get tired of talking to their children and also not to send their children to other people like their aunts , because what their aunt tells them is not what as a parent who knows her daughter would tell them. She encouraged them by doing this they are preparing for a bright future generation. Lorna thanked them for coming and on her way out passed by the home where they lost an old lady and paid her condolences. 
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2019-09-25 - Purpose: Teach how husband and wife should communicate in a home and community. Attack an avoid communication style will be considered
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