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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-09-18

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Effective Communication and Listening,Dangers of Abortion 
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Lorna Katagara,Ongyera Manuella 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson the community knows that it is important to communicate in a home. They also know that approach matters.
Introduction Lorna and Manuela went to Kigalama A where they looked at communication skills. Here parents are taught how to communicate in the family and community at large.We look at the importance communication,how to communicate as husband and wife and how to communicate to our children. Overview Lorna ,Manuela and Samantha from USA went to Kigalama A where they were to introduce Communication Skills. This topic was taught a while back but we felt an urge to reteach and also touch some aspects which were not taught then and yet very important.Lorna started by reviewing the previous lesson Which was Causes and dangers of Abortion. She started by by reminding the community that Abortion is a killer and that both the person carrying it out and the one helping to carry it out are all sinners and are before law it’s punishable. She then went ahead and asked the community members to remind her what they remember were the causes of abortion. They mentioned some like fear of dropping out of school, fear of parents where Lorna here commented that sometimes parents when they are talking may actually make a comment like”if my child gets pregnant early, they will kill them”. With this kind of threat if the girl becomes pregnant for example, they will look for all solutions for fear of their parents finding out and end up aborting which may affect them negatively. She encouraged parents not to be rude to their children but counsel, advice, befriend , guide them so as to avoid such. They went on to dangers where they looked at death, fewer chances of giving birth in future. Lorna mentioned that the child that was not given a chance to live might have been the next LC1, member of parliament and also if their parents decided to abort them( the community members), would they be here?. They said no and therefore instead of solving things from the bottom they should teach them on preventing pregnancy and the consequences . Manuela took over with communication skills where she looked at the importance of communication. Where they saw to pass on information, communicate needs and wants, for purposes of reconciliation, friendship, happy strong marriage among others . Manuela also asked the women and men how they communicate to their children. She mentioned that parents should start communicating to their children as early as 8 years because these days children are growing up fast. She urged that children should be trapped at an early age and then they will grow up in that way. For the older children however different approaches need to be used like asking the child if girls to cook food with them, wash dishes as they engage in conversations from school to personal hygiene to relationships. Teenagers can easily fight, abuse or even challenge the parents and so the approach in talking to them should be different. Manuela moved on to ask the wives how they talk to their husbands and husbands to their wives . She mentioned some women are too rude when talking to their husbands which made the women laugh and the men in agreement. Manuela encouraged the women and men to always fix time to have important conversations, she also encouraged them to learn their partners personalities so as not to do anything that will annoy either party. She also asked them to pick the right time to talk to each other for example not when the woman is from the garden, from getting firewood, fetching water and then the man starts demanding. They should therefore figure out the appropriate times where they can talk to each other and also learn to listen to each other and be patient with each other. Conclusion Samantha also got a chance to talk to the community members where she encouraged communication in the family as a community that does not communicate is unhealthy and problems will arise easily. Lorna and Manuela thanked the members for coming and left for Jinja. 
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2019-10-02 - Purpose: Continue with communication skills topic.we will be looking at how communication happens in the community looking at attack and avoid communication style
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8795 Lorna going through the review of causes, dangers of Abortion.
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