Health Education - Budumba - Namutumba

Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2019-09-18

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Health lesson 2: Nutrition and Diet 
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Irene went to Budumba to continue with the nutrition lesson basically to demonstrate on how to make a balanced diet. Irene started by reviewing the previous lesson then later asked the members the different crops grown in their community, with these together with the group Irene categorized the different foods into energy giving foods,body building foods,and the protective or glow foods and then water which covers the biggest percentage in our bodies. After teaching before dividing the the members into groups Irene encouraged the members to ask questions. Otim asked if among the different things to be eaten there those that are restricted to the elderly like some don’t eat chicken, fruits and other things. Irene answered the question putting caution to the elderly to have plenty of those foods because their bodies need them as much as others do. Irene answered several questions then after divided them into 3 groups taking up the different foods and categorizing them. After each group getting to know the types of food that belong to their category Irene and the members made different dietary examples using the cheaply available foods there after Irene emphasized on proper feeding of the children under five and the elderly because they are prone to malnutrition. The discussion was interactive as the community members learnt that it’s not all about eating meat and chicken that people should regard as good feeding but the foods they have and grow can also make a balanced diet. 
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Health Education 
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After the general hygiene lesson some members have greatly improved on the hygiene in their homes and in the last lesson they requested Irene to make surprise visits in their homes. 
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2019-09-25 - Purpose: Teach about burns and scalds their causes and prevention
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