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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2019-09-11

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
Lesson Taught
Early Pregnancy,Dangers of Abortion,Delaying Sex 
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Ida Bazonona,Ongyera Manuella 
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Senior Woman Teacher,Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
To educate the youth about the importance of abstinence.
Introduction Manuela and Ida went to Kivule village, Ida went to attend to women-mean while Manuela went to teach the youth about the importance of abstinence. Women in this village have been battling with domestic violence. Overview When the tow staff arrived in the village, they did not find any body at the meeting place they decided to move around to re mobilize community members to come, after short time they came in large numbers, then Manuela introduced Ida to the women, Manuela attended this class , Ida started by introducing her self to the women, she asked them what is a family? Members tried and said that a family is a collective union of a father, mother, children and other relatives which was a good trial, they also tried and answered that as good mother they are suppose to take care of their children and other activities in the family, one of the woman said that they would have done that but they lack motivation from their husbands. After that she also asked them that what is a role of a mother in family? While Ida was teaching she told the women that it’s their responsibility to take good care of their children, to come up with good ideas that can build a family and also they should be creative and innovative in their families, she went on and told them that, she went on and told them that they should be respective and submissive to their husbands, they should love their children and teach them good morals. After that first lesson Manuela left her with the women and she went to attend to the youth. When Manuela reached the youth side, she started by greeting them and she asked them about which problems are pressing them as youth in that village, then they mentioned some of those for example they said that, their parents are denying them school fees, they even talk to them in arrogance way, the girls said that rape, Early marriage, they are being forced by their parents to get married while still young yet they want to study! One girl said that some women gossip a lot about them. After Manuela listened to the youth she asked them that what can we do to overcome that situation, they told Manuela that since you people have started to talking to our parents hopefully they will change they really requested Manuela to advice their parents and pay their school fees and take good care of their them as children. Manuela also told the youth that they should also respect their parents and work together with their parents so that they can become motivated and pay their school fees, after that Manuela taught the youth about the importance of abstinence, she asked them what is abstinence? They told her that staying away from sex, then Manuela asked them that how many people are abstaining? some boys raised up their hands, it was unfortunately that no girl rose up their hands, Manuela told the youth that it is very important to abstain from sex because it’s healthy to do that. She told them that some of them may be fornicating but she advised them to stop because they will land to many problems for example unwanted pregnancy and other sexually transmitted diseases. Manuela went on and explained to them that if they abstain from sex, they will finish their studies without any problems, they will be free from early pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and also they will remain healthy. She also advised the youth who are out of school to creative for example to lay bricks sell and get money to start a business so that they don’t become victims of selling. Finally, she told them to protect their bodies and always pray for a bright future. 
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2019-09-23 - Purpose: To educate the men on family roles
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8825 Ida is teaching the women about good quality of a mother and children up bringing.
8828 As Ida was teaching the women, Manuela was also teaching the youth in that village about the importance of abstinence and dangers of early pregnancy and marriage.
8831 Still here Ida was also encouraging them to be prayerful and patient
8834 Manuela was explaining to them how bad it is if you don’t have respect for their parents and elders in the community.