Mvule Community Development - Bupaluka - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2019-09-23

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Topic: Community meeting Background: The members of Bupaluka village engage in growing crops as a group and so are at a level of opening their group bank account to save the proceeds from their crops after selling, Alex and Chris intended to meet them and discuss how far they have reach in opening the bank account and also check on their group garden. Overview: Alex and Chris visited Bupaluka village to discuss how the members were cooperating as far as opening their group bank account is concerned. Before the meeting, the chairperson raised an issue about pests and diseases that have attacked their gardens, he said they are afraid famine is going to strike again since mostly maize (corn) ,sweet potatoes,ground nuts and cassava is affected. The treasurer Mr Peter also complained about the storm that carried away his rice from the garden however he encouraged the community to plant trees as Kibo has always told them, he said if they had planted many trees, they wouldn’t have lost their food because trees act as wind breakers. The chairperson said as a group they are growing soybeans and they are doing well despite having a pest attack but he said they are trying to spray and hope they will over come that in a week’s time. The chairperson updated the community members about the bank account and said him and the treasurer were still looking for a favorable bank however he encouraged the members to continue contributing for the bank account , meanwhile members were not contented about the process, they said it was taking long for them to get the bank account however the chairperson promised to finish this whole issue on Wednesday this week. In his concluding mark he thanked Kibo and said the whole community is united ,ever since Kibo started working in their community Ideas are generated and the community is moving forward. Chris encouraged the community members to not wait for kibo but always hold meetings Incase they have issues concerning their community, Chris said what kibo is doing is to prepare a platform for them to discuss issues concerning their community. In conclusion, Alex advised the chairperson and his committee to always call for meetings and consult his members before any decision is made, he said this will not only strengthen the group but the relationship will grow as well. Alex said the next meeting will be about how best they will use the bank account and what they will do with the proceeds from their soybeans. 
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2019-10-11 - Purpose: Chris and Alex are going to meet the community members and discuss about how best they can use their bank account and encourage them to save.
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8843 An image caption of the community group treasurer giving accountability of how the funds were spent in the month of June and July , this is because Kibo emphasizes accountability and trustworthiness among the community members.