Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ndalike - Kamuli

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2019-09-25

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David Balimunsi
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2019-09-26 08:34:16 UTC
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David Balimunsi
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2019-09-26 09:57:34 UTC
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09:07-17:51 (8 h 44 m)
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12:02-03:20 (-9 h 18 m)
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17 h 26 m

Household visits

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Checking about the sanitation improvements 
Staff Attendees
David Balimunsi,Steven Kambale 
Government Attendees
LC1,VHT,Parish Councillor 
David and Steven were in the village and their intentions of going there was to have a village general sanitation improvements meeting . That was after the Kibo staff had noted that both the two committees that was the sanitation and water committee the village had choose and emerged them together were not properly organized . Therefore as David and Steven were in the village, they first visited 24 homes . Out of the 24 homes they visited before reaching out the meeting they all had good improvements. And on that note David and Steven kept on demonstrating and encouraging the owners of the different homes to construct good standardized sanitation facilities . Later afterwards the Kibo staff went for the meeting where all different people had gathered. After the two committees had finished introducing themselves before the audience, the Kibo staff requested from the audience what was the challenges which the two committees were facing. Mr mugote one of the committee member said that they were not properly organized during the village follow ups . Therefore the Kibo staff advised the members from the two committees always to have smaller simpler meetings for them at least to make proper arrangements before they were to visit the different homes. They all bought into that idea which they thought it would help. The sanitation chairman since he was a youth ,he requested for an elderly person for more knowledge and good advices. Therefore they choose mr kilizo an elderly to be the adviser on the sanitation committee. They also decided as a village to be making village follows ups twice a week. Because it was raining therefore the Kibo staff had to reave the village for jinja because it was heavily raining. In general according to the hygiene and sanitation of the few home they reached to they were improving. 
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2019-09-29 - Purpose: To continue encouraging about the rightful sanitation standards and improvements
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