Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Nabituluntu - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-01-24

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Alex Walyomu
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2018-01-24 06:46:34 UTC
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A new borehole in their community from Kibo group 
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To have everyone know the responsibilities and take good care of their borehole. Also every one should follow the borehole bylaws 
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The community members have respect for one another and love working together 
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Everyone in the community is enjoying the clean water from the new borehole 

Water Community Meeting

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ownership and sustainability 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Nabituluntu - Nabituluntu lower kibo borehole 
Alex first met with the district water officer and had him sign on the land agreement where the new borehole was drilled. He also met with the district chairman LC 5, Hajj Saleh Kumbuga who attended the commissioning of the new borehole in Nabituluntu. He continued to thank Kibo for the support in the district. Also the district water officer introduced Alex to an official from the ministry of water and environment but had visited Namutumba district water office as an auditor. He thanked Kibo group as a development partner in the district for the work well done in the water and sanitation sector. Alex left a copy of the land agreement of Nabituluntu in the water office to be used for future reference. He the headed to Nabituluntu village and met with the chairman water user committee called Sam Babairebatya, Balilaine Paul also a member of the water and sanitation committee. He checked the water as it was being pumped and a very good note, the water had cleared very well than it was the day the borehole was commissioned. He got a sample and encouraged every one to continue taking good care of the borehole and make sure they respect the bylaws that were enacted. Alex also marked the borehole location on a GPS using the new soft ware app on the Zerion. The chairman of the water user committee told Alex that he had scheduled another general meeting whereby every one was invited tomorrow Thursday at 2pm for a meeting to discuss the roles, responsibilities and the bylaws that everyone has to abide in order to take good care of the borehole. Everyone has to know what needs to be done right to take good care of the borehole. Alex will next time move with Harriet and stove program to introduce the building of stoves in this community since WASH is almost done in Nabituluntu. 
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1110 The new borehole in Nabituluntu provided by the Kibo group
1113 The water has cleared very well and there are no complaints from anybody in the community
1116 The new borehole provided by the Kibo group