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Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2019-09-20

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Health lesson 3: Burns and Scalding 
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Irene went to Nabikenge to teach about birth preparedness,complications readiness, and emergency planning for mothers during pregnancy,child birth, infants and children under 5 years of age. Irene started with a reminder of the previous lesson then asked the members on how they prepare for child birth in their homes or a community as a whole. Nabirye said she makes timely visits to the hospital for medical checkups, Nairuba said she has never prepared for any baby because in their clan one can only prepare for a child after they have delivered them so it’s an abomination to prepare for what the mother has not seen. Several members suggested on how they prepare for their babies and each member had a different way of doing it which included using saving boxes to raise money for hospital,buying cloths, providing transportation to hospital,and other birth materials the moment one notices the child movements are present,also monitoring their babies and children for signs of infection,some societies a woman can be bewitched and they stay with their pregnancy for ever. isabirye said he saves some of his harvests to sale when there is need and more as the group discussed. Irene then asked the members on how they prepare for complications and emergency which involved agreeing and identifying actions that need to be taken in order to save lives, some mothers complained that their husbands are never present at home so even when they get problems are forced to use herbs and traditional healers for quick solutions. Irene and the members discussed on how to prepare for emergencies and urged the men to take full responsibility in order to avoid problems. Irene requested that they would continue with the lesson the next time they meet. 
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Health Education 
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A grandmother who wanted to improve the health of her grand daughter who was malnourished is one of the members who used the last lesson to improve their health. 
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2019-09-27 - Purpose: Continue with the common causes of maternal,infant and child deaths.
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