Visit by Roy Mesigwa on 2019-09-27

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Created by
Roy Mwesigwa
Created date
2019-09-30 06:38:12 UTC
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Ben West
Modified date
2020-07-16 13:23:03 UTC
Trip Time
10:35-18:30 (7 h 55 m)
Village Time
12:45-15:50 (3 h 5 m)
Travel Time
4 h 50 m

Administrative Visit

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Purpose of Visit
Finalize the renewal of Kibo M.O.U. 
Visit Report
The exercise to renew the M.O.U. with the District has been delayed by frequent breaks in communication between Roy and the D.C.D.O. Sometimes Roy is invited and is not able to go because it is an office day. other times the officer will be gone even after inviting Roy for a meeting, 
Next Visit
2019-10-04 - Purpose: Roy will be going back to try and get the copy of the M.O.U. to bring it to the Kibo Group C.D. to append his signature and then Roy to return it to the District for final signing and Roy will be given a final copy.
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