Mvule Community Development - Kitukiro - Buyende

Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2019-09-27

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Abraham Mulongo
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2019-10-01 04:35:56 UTC
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Abraham Mulongo
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2019-10-01 05:08:55 UTC
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10:06-18:30 (8 h 24 m)
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13:20-15:35 (2 h 15 m)
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6 h 9 m

Mvule Community Development lesson

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Abraham Mulongo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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caring for trees 
Abraham and Savanna met thirty eight Kitukiro community members and the purpose of the meeting was to teach them how to take care of the trees. They moved around checking trees with some members and the found out that all trees are alive because it is raining in the area. They went to the home of a 70 years old man and he took them to see the trees but he planted the trees deep inside the holes and he was advised to remove the trees and fill the holes with soil so that he can plant them well. He was asked if he was around when the were teaching about how to plant a Mvule tree and he said he was sick by that time. Abraham thanked the old man for planting trees even if he did not do it right and he advised the committee to go around and teach those who were not in the meeting that day when they were teaching about how to plant trees because there many who are like the old man where we did not reach because the group has 65 members and they moved in ten homes because of time and the storm was coming. The committee said they are going to do it before the trees gets tap root down the soil. They left the village while the members were singing songs that praise God who took Kibo to their village. This village is so happy for what Kibo has done in the area like hygiene and sanitation, stoves and the bore hole. 
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2019-10-07 - Purpose: To continue checking the trees because some members were complaining that they did not visit their homes to see the trees
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