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Visit by Suzan Winnie on 2019-09-27

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2019-09-27 06:21:26 UTC
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Suzan went to the village with a purpose of monitoring the stove usage and the maintenance of the other program facilities especially the smearing of the buildings. When she arrived their, she went to the program chairperson’s home who was at the same time the village VHT and found her sitting at the meeting place with some members discussing some issues concerning how to scale out to the neighboring villages. They got so excited on seeing Suzan and after exchanging greetings, the chairperson on behalf of other members informed Suzan about some challenges they were facing while building stoves for the new members who had just joined the program. Later on, they agreed to walk around the village that day visiting home to home while monitoring the program facilities. During the process some members had improved in their sanitation and hygiene and also smeared all their buildings as well as cooking on their fuel efficient stoves which was so impressive to see. They also went ahead helping their fellow members to repair their stoves by sealing all the cracks and smeared them after. Other members who were reported to have traveled to other villages to mourn their relatives had not yet repaired their facilities such as the stoves, shower areas, latrines, dish racks and the kitchens which were still in bad condition. Suzan requested the leaders to remind them Incase they returned, saying that this was very important for everyone because it helped them live a better healthy life with their families. There were some members who were a bit stubborn in away that they still used the three stones open flames for cooking because they feared to lose their husbands according to false rumors. Again Suzan went ahead and gave an example of some of her relatives whose husbands were still alive yet they were still cooking on their fuel efficient stoves which were built more than five years ago. This impressed some members who immediately took out their three stones from their kitchens and promised to only be cooking on their energy saving stoves. Suzan fixed a date with the members where they would discuss about the challenges faced while building stoves for the new members. Suzan thanked all the members for participating in the program activities also encouraging them to always maintain their sanitation and hygiene for a healthy living and the meeting came to an end wishing one another a happy stay. 
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9002 One of the community members posing near her energy saving stove.