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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-10-04

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
To understand the different challenges men and women are going through in their families. This was introduction.
Introduction Lorna went to this village to introduce Relationship Skills. Under here we look at the different challenges men and women and youth, children go through in the community/ family. This in turn leads us to the discussion of Gender roles where who does what and what responsibilities can be shared. Overview Lorna went to this community to reintroduce Relationship Skills since the first time the attendance was not very good. There were a good number of both women and men about 25 of them which was enough to revisit this discussion. The meeting begun with a word of prayer and then Lorna told them that they were to continue from the previous discussion as many people were not there. Lorna told them it was going to be an open discussion and that everyone should feel free to communicate. Lorna told them from the issues raised is where they will build the lesson because then they will know what exactly they were addressing. The men complained of the women being jealous and having a lot of rumors. Lorna asked how?, they said that sometimes maybe they are greeting a woman or holding a conversation and then someone quickly runs to inform their wives who in turn do not want to hear anything else but begin to insinuate adultery. The women complained of their men coming back late and wanting them to wake up in the night and cook for them food. Kagoya however encouraged the women to cook for their husbands at whatever time because no one said marriage was easy. She gave an example of her own daughter who had divorced her husband because of this and yet the husband was working late hours. She talked to both of them and they understood each other and her daughter went back to her marriage and so she encouraged that couples need to understand each other. The women also complained of the men selling all the harvest and keeping the money for themselves or if not give them the least share and yet, they all did the hard work together. The men in defense said that if they give all the money to women, they will start thinking of gomesis, going to visit their parents , buying unnecessary staff which led everyone into laughter but they agreed this was true. They also said that women do not know how to budget. Here one man chose to disagree and said women know how to budget more than men and that let any man in the meeting who has ever bought anything in their house put up their hands. He said give a woman 5000/= and she will buy a saucepan,plate,cup which men spend their time in the trading centers but don’t even think of buying a thing but expect to eat. Lorna asked if the women in this community have side businesses and they said yes, Lorna then asked how do the men treat them knowing they have money?. They said they give them less money because they know they also work. Another concern the women raised amongst each other was no one wants to be told they are in wrong or their children are in wrong or were caught doing something wrong. Therefore they will just keep quiet. This issue also needs to be addressed among the women. Conclusion There were many issues raised however , one man in the community encouraged all the men and women to have love in their hearts for their families. He said all these issues arise because their is no love and understanding in the home. Lorna will start from here in the next lesson with Gender roles( wha is the role of a man in the home and a woman ). 
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2019-10-23 - Purpose: Teach Gender roles
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